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Above: A rendering of the Children’s Discovery Center by 1100:
Architect for Queens Public Library.

Design is important. High-quality design and the processes that support it result in engaging structures that benefit the millions of New Yorkers who use them. Creation of these is a complex – yet deeply rewarding – process that involves talented architects, consultants and valuable input from members of New York City’s vibrant communities. Building these structures and upgrading our street infrastructure requires that we be leaders in design and technology. It also requires us to be leaders in building sustainable, beautiful civic buildings.

We dedicate our design and construction expertise to befit one of the most iconic skylines in the world – in a City that has benefited from visionary leadership and creative designs.

We develop and share our design and construction expertise through significant programs, such as Mayor Bloomberg’s Design and Construction Excellence program, our Office of Sustainable Design and Best Management Practices.

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