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Process for Consultants and Subconsultants


The Department of Design and Construction now utilizes open Requests For Proposals ("RFP") for most of its design and construction management contracts. DDC's RFPs are open to all interested firms. Notices of these RFPs are published in The City Record and on this website. In addition, specific notification will be made to firms on the City's centralized vendor lists. We encourage all interested firms to enroll by completing the NYC-FMS Vendor Enrollment Application. Call 311 for further information.

Subconsultants do not need to be prequalified. When DDC selects a consultant, the strength of the entire team (including subconsultants) included in the applicant's proposal is evaluated. Because of this, firms seeking to work as subconsultants on specific projects and on requirement contracts must generally join up with the prime firms preparing their responses to DDC Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

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