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Payments for Contractors & Consultants


DDC places a high priority on making prompt payments to our business partners. The payment process includes a thorough review of forms and documentation by agency staff. Information and forms provided here will assist in preparing payment requests and close attention to requirements and form preparation will help ensure prompt payment.

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Requests for payment are submitted to the Resident Engineer or Project Manager on the job. After the Resident Engineer or Project Manager approves the payment, it is sent to the Engineering Audit Office (EAO) and the Financial Office for review and approval prior to being sent to the City's FISA (Financial Information Services Agency), which makes the payment. This process is represented graphically on the accompanying flowchart. DDC is committed to making all payments promptly. If you are looking for the status of a particular payment, you should either call the appropriate DDC Resident Engineer or Project Manager, or you can call DDC's automated Payment Hotline at 718-391-1704.

12 Things To Avoid If You Want To Be Paid Quickly

Electronic Funds Transfers
Vendors doing business with DDC will be expected to have their payments transferred to their bank accounts by electronic funds transfer (EFT).  Electronic funds transfer reduces the wait for receipt of payments and gives vendors immediate access to their payments - no more taking checks to the bank and waiting for them to clear.  EFT also provides greater security than paper checks by eliminating the potential for loss, theft or forgery.  Before receiving a first payment, vendors will be asked to designate one financial institution or other authorized payment agent and to complete the City EFT Vendor Payment Enrollment Form.

Contractor Payment Forms

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Consultant Payment Forms
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