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12 Tips for Bids


  1. Clock in your bid on time.
    • Late bids will not be accepted.

  2. If hand delivered, you must bring your bid to DDC’s Contracts Office
    • Bids can only be accepted at the Contracts Office.
    • Bids cannot be accepted at the Bid Opening Room or the Security Desk.

  3. If mailing a bid, mail it early or use express mail so that your bid will arrive in time.
    • Late bids will not be accepted.

  4. Type your mailing label.
    • Handwritten labels are difficult to read and process correctly.

  5. Type "BID ENCLOSED" on your mailing label.
    • Your bid is one of the hundreds of pieces of mail and express packages that DDC receives every day.

  6. Type the DDC project identification number and the project name on the mailing label.
    • Without these, the processing of your bid may be slowed.

  7. Type the date and time of the bid opening on your mailing label.
    • During our busy season, we have bid openings for several contracts at a time, twice a day, Monday through Friday.

  8. If a multi-trade project, identify on the mailing label which trade you are bidding on.
    • A bid envelope missing trade information may create processing problems and slows down the bid opening.

  9. If you are bidding on more than one trade for the same project, submit each bid in a separate envelope.
    • Placing multiple trade bids in a single envelope may create processing problems and slows down the bid opening.

  10. If a bid security is required, staple the bid security (bid bond or check) to the front cover of your bid.
    • Any bid lacking a required bid security cannot be awarded a contract.

  11. Tab the page where your bid amount appears.
    • Bid openings are slowed down when we cannot easily find the amount of your bid.

  12. Securely staple or clip together all materials submitted as your bid.
    • Loose materials are easy to become detached and risk being misplaced.

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