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Dr. Feniosky Peña-Mora, Commissioner
Chief of StaffGeneral CounselPublic Affairs
StructuresInfrastructureAdministrationPolicy Analysis
Agency Chief Contracting OfficerTechnical SupportEngineering AuditInformation Technology Services



Dr. Feniosky Peña-Mora, is the Commissioner of the Department of Design and Construction (DDC). DDC manages the design and construction of public facilities and the City's sewer, water main and roadway construction program.

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff (COS) is a primary advisor to the Commissioner and coordinates the activities of the various divisions within the Agency. The COS also administers functions of the Commissioner’s Office and directs complex and multi-disciplinary division and executive tasks involving planning, initiatives and reporting.

Chief of Staff: Ana Barrio
(718) 391-2300, Fax: (718) 391-1893


The General Counsel's office provides legal counsel concerning DDC’s procurement and business transactions with other government entities, not-for-profit organizations and the private sector. It negotiates, structures and prepares agreements entered into by the Agency, manages outside counsel and works closely with the City’s Law Department on litigation-related matters. This office also provides legal advice and drafts legislative and regulatory solutions necessary to shape and implement initiatives.

General Counsel: David Varoli, Esq.
(718) 391-1721, Fax: (718) 391-2600

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Public Information

The Public Information office is the primary point of contact between DDC and the general public, elected officials, Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs, Mayor’s Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, news media and industry organizations. This office also handles Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests.

Assistant Commissioner: Vacant
For all press inquiries, please contact Shavone Williams at (718) 391-1583.

Infrastructure Division

The Infrastructure Division manages the design and construction of sewer, water main and roadway capital projects for the NYC Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Transportation.

Deputy Commissioner: Eric Macfarlane, P.E.
(718) 391-2251, Fax: (718) 391-2600

We welcome resumés from engineers, architects, CADD operators and construction professionals who are interested in working at DDC.

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Public Buildings Division

The Public Buildings Division manages the design and construction of buildings for more than 20 client agencies. The Division designs, renovates and builds libraries, museums, police precincts, firehouses, emergency medical stations, transportation facilities, health centers, day care centers, senior centers, courts, correctional facilities, juvenile detention centers and other facilities that City agencies use to serve the public.

Deputy Commissioner: Vacant
(718) 391-1214, Fax: (718) 391-2600

We welcome resumés from engineers, architects, project managers and construction professionals who are interested in working at DDC.

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Safety & Site Support

The Division of Safety & Site Support provides DDC with site engineering, quality assurance, and environmental health and safety services.

Associate Commissioner: Mark Canu
(718) 391-1391, Fax: (718) 391-1651

We welcome resumés from surveyors, environmental project managers and safety and quality assurance inspectors who are interested in working at DDC.

Agency Chief Contracting Office

The Agency Chief Contracting Officer ensures that DDC conforms with City regulations for procurement of goods, services and construction.

Agency Chief Contracting Officer: John Goddard
(718) 391-2838, Fax: (718) 391-1885

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The Administration Division manages human resources, budget, facilities, fleet and contractor/consultant payment operations.

Special Advisor: Andrea Glick
(718) 391-2884, Fax: (718) 391-1899

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Engineering Audit Office (EAO)

All payments to contractors and consultants are audited and certified by the EAO. EAO auditors perform final verifications of approved payment requisitions to ensure that the City has received appropriate value under the terms of the contracts.

Engineering Audit Officer: Chris Igweatu , P.E.
(718) 391-1097, Fax: (718) 391-1888

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Performance Metrics & Analysis

The Performance Metrics & Analysis Division provides business analysis, quality assurance and management reporting services. The business analysis group prepares requirements and specifications for new automated systems and modifications to existing systems. Quality assurance involves testing the functionality and operation of these systems. Management reports are prepared for internal and external use.

Director: Joe Spetly
(718) 391-1784, Fax: (718) 391-2600

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services provides network, software development and end user technical support services to DDC staff. Its dedicated Network, Application Development and Help Desk teams design, develop and support customized software and network solutions.

Assistant Commissioner: Raúl Canabal
(718) 391-1668, Fax: (718) 391-1890

We welcome resumés from information technology professionals who are interested in working at DDC.

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