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Zoning Tools

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Zoning Tools: Overview

The Zoning Toolkit includes, in addition to the three main district categories (Residence, Commercial, Manufacturing), complementary rules that address specific types of development or the design and quality of public spaces. Some initiatives allow the modification of underlying regulations when developing large sites, such as Large-Scale Development, while others fine-tune those same regulations to address lower-density areas or the particular challenges and opportunities at the water’s edge.  Initiatives such as the Inclusionary Housing Program, Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS) and FRESH Food Stores offer a zoning incentive in exchange for affordable housing, more public plazas or access to fresh foods at targeted locations around the City.

Large-Scale Development
Streetscape Improvements
Waterfront Zoning
Privately Owned Public Space
FRESH Food Stores
Lower Density Growth Management Areas
Inclusionary Housing Program
Use Groups
Sidewalk Cafes



The Zoning Reference provides only general zoning information and is not meant to serve as a substitute for the actual regulations which are to be found in the Zoning Resolution.


Zoning Text | Zoning Maps | Zoning Districts | Zoning Tools | About Zoning | Glossary


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