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Unenclosed Sidewalk Cafes
(N 030119 ZRY)


The City Planning Commission is considering an application (N 030119 ZRY) for an amendment to the Zoning Resolution relating to unenclosed sidewalk cafes. The purpose of this amendment, in conjunction with local law changes to the Administrative Code and rule changes to be adopted by the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), is to streamline the review process and provide more accountability by consolidating the review, licensing and enforcement responsibilities at one agency -- DCA. This change will bring more efficiency and predictability for applicants, agencies, elected officials and the affected community.

Specifically, the text amendment would remove the siting and physical design criteria for unenclosed sidewalk cafes from the Zoning Resolution. The locations where unenclosed sidewalk cafes are not allowed would remain in Article I, Chapter 4 of the Zoning Resolution in a new Section 14-40 (AREA ELIGIBILITY) that would substitute for the existing Appendices. Local Law changes to the Administrative Code would centralize the review and licensing of sidewalk cafes at DCA, and with these changes, DCA would adopt rules establishing the siting and physical design criteria.

It is important to stress that this amendment to the Zoning Resolution and the proposed changes to Administrative Code and rules of the Consumer Affairs Department do not remove or reduce the Community Board or City Council review of applications for unenclosed sidewalk cafés.

The City Planning Commission will be holding a public hearing on the proposed zoning text on December 4, 2002. Comments on the proposed zoning text (in pdf format, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader) should be sent to:

City Planning Commission
Calendar Office
22 Reade Street, 2E
New York, NY 10007


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