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Whitestone Rezoning - Approved!
Proposed Zoning
Introduction | Existing Zoning | Proposed Zoning

Proposed Zoning:
Proposed Zoning Map
PDF Document Proposed Zoning Map
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PDF Document Adopted Zoning Map
December 21, 2005
Housing throughout the whitestone rezoning area is predominantly one- and two-family detached residences. Many areas are characterized by large homes on large lots. In other areas there is a mix of one- and two-family semi-detached homes. The proposal has four principal objectives:

  • Protect areas developed with large homes on large lots by limiting subdivision into smaller lots;
  • Ensure that new single-family houses match the scale of existing development;
  • Prevent out-of-character multifamily and attached developments in areas developed primarily with one- and two-family detached residences; and
  • Prevent commercial uses from encroaching on residential side streets.
R 1-2
Three areas are proposed to be rezoned from R2 to R1-2 districts: in the northwest of the study area around Francis Lewis Park; along Riverside Avenue in the northeast of the study area; and around the intersection of Cryder Lane and 160th Street. In the proposed R1-2 zoning districts, residential development would be limited to one-family detached houses, the same as the existing R2. The maximum FAR would remain 0.5. The minimum lot size and lot width requirements would increase to 5,700 square feet and 60 feet respectively, from the 3,800 square feet and 40 feet currently required in the affected areas. The minimum front yard would increase to a 20-foot depth from the 15-foot depth required under R2 zoning, and minimum side yards would increase to 20 feet (total), from the 13 feet (total) currently required. Maximum building height would be controlled by the sky exposure plane, a theoretical inclined plane that cannot be penetrated by the building.

Proposed R1-2 Zoning
Proposed R1-2 District
14th Avenue & 165th Street



The proposed action would rezone certain areas from R2, R3-1 and R3-2 to R2A districts. In R2A zoning districts, residential development would be limited to one-family detached houses, the same as in R2. A minimum 20-foot side yard would be required for development on corner lots. A front yard lineup provision would require that homes locate on their lots at a depth of at least 15 feet and equal to an adjacent neighbor up to a depth of 20 feet. Floor area exemptions are limited to 300 square feet for an enclosed accessory parking structure. Maximum building height would be 35 feet, and maximum perimeter wall height 21 feet.

View a presentation on R2A zoning.

Proposed R2A Zoning
Proposed R2A District
23rd Avenue & 169th Street


Two areas are proposed to be rezoned to R3X: along Clearview Park now zoned R3-2, and at the intersection of Francis Lewis Boulevard and 21st Road currently zoned R3-2 and R2. In R3X districts, residential development would be limited to one- or two-family detached residences with a minimum lot size of 3,325 square feet, and a minimum lot width of 35 feet. The base FAR of 0.5 (and 0.1 attic allowance) is the same as in R3-2 districts. A minimum 10-foot front yard is required in R3X districts, with lineup provisions up to a depth of 20 feet; side yards must total at least 10 feet, each a minimum of two feet wide. The proposed R3X designation would set maximum front wall height at 21 feet, and maximum building height at 35 feet.
  Proposed R3X 200th Street and 17th Avenue
Proposed R3X District
200th Street and 17th Avenue


A large section of the study area south of the Cross Island Parkway east of Parsons Boulevard and west of Clintonville Street, would be rezoned from R3-2 and R3-1 to R3A. In the proposed R3A zoning district, residential development would be limited to one- and two-family detached houses. The minimum lot size is 2,375 square feet and lot width is 25 feet. The maximum FAR would remain 0.5, and the attic allowance would remain 0.1. Front yard requirements call for a minimum depth of 10 feet with lineup provisions, and side yards totaling at least 8 feet. Like the R3X designation, perimeter wall height is limited to no more than 21 feet, and total building height to 35 feet.

  Proposed R3A: 21st Avenue & 149th Street
Proposed R3A District
21st Avenue & 149th Street

PDF Document View the Zoning Comparison Chart

Proposed Commercial District Changes:
At Clintonville Street and 10th Avenue, and along Utopia Parkway between 19th Avenue and 21st Road, the proposed action would remove existing C1-2 and C2-2 commercial overlays to reflect their residential character. In six areas, existing 150-foot deep C1-2 commercial overlays would be reduced to 100 feet to prevent encroachment of commercial uses onto residential midblocks. The C1-2 designation would be changed to C1-3 to reduce parking requirements.

In two areas, existing C1-2 and C2-2 commercial overlays would be extended to reflect existing commercial uses. The C1-2, C1-3 and C2-2 districts have a maximum commercial FAR of 1.0 in underlying R2 and R3 districts.


Introduction | Existing Zoning | Proposed Zoning

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