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West Chelsea Zoning Proposal - Approved!
EIS - Final Environmental Impact Statement
Introduction | Background & Existing Conditions | Proposal | EIS | Timeline

This Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) has been prepared in conformance with applicable laws and regulations, including Executive Order No. 91, New York City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) regulations, and follows the guidance of the CEQR Technical Manual, October 2001.

The FEIS includes review and analysis of all impact categories identified in the CEQR Technical Manual, including a a description and analysis of the proposed action and its environmental setting; the environmental impacts of the proposed action, including its short- and long-term effects, and typical associated environmental effects; identification of any significant adverse environmental effects that can be avoided through incorporation of corrective measures into the proposed action; a discussion of alternatives to the proposed action; the identification of any irreversible and irretrievable commitments of resources that would be involved in the proposed action should it be implemented; and a description of any necessary mitigation measures proposed to minimize significant adverse environmental impacts.

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the proposed action was accepted as complete by the New York City Department of City Planning as lead agency on December 20, 2004. Public notice of completion of the DEIS and a public hearing on the DEIS was published in the City Record, Environmental News Bulletin, and New York Sun on March 16, 2005.

The City Planning Commission held a public hearing at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center of the Borough of Manhattan Community College, Theatre Two, 199 Chambers Street, Manhattan, on April 6, 2005 at 10 AM. The period for public review remained open until April 18, 2005.

The FEIS reflects all substantive comments made on the DEIS during the public hearing and subsequent comment period. The comments are summarized and responded to in Chapter 27 “Response to Comments.” Changes to the text and graphics of the FEIS were also made in response to comments. In addition, Chapter 23, “Alternatives” of the FEIS has been modified to add an analysis of a Revised Community Board 4 Alternative and a Revised Affordable Housing Alternative. The Revised Affordable Housing Alternative (Alternative F) was developed by the Department of City Planning in response to comments received during the public review process for the DEIS. This alternative reflects the Department’s modified ULURP application [(N 050161(A) ZRM) and (C050162(A) ZMM)] for the zoning map and text amendments. This alternative reflects changes made in regard to bulk, density and affordable housing. This alternative modifies and replaces the Affordable Housing Alternative analyzed in the DEIS.

The FEIS also includes one new appendix, Appendix H, which contains all written comments received during the public review period. In addition, the zoning text amendment for the Revised Affordable Housing Alternative has been added to Appendix A and the reasonable worst-case development scenario has been added to Appendix G.

PDF Document Foreword


PDF Document Table of Contents


PDF Document List of Tables


PDF Document List of Figures


PDF Document Executive Summary    


PDF Document Chapter 1 – Project Description


PDF Document Chapter 2 – Land Use, Zoning and Public Policy


PDF Document Chapter 3 – Socioeconomic Conditions


PDF Document Chapter 4 – Community Facilities and Services


PDF Document Chapter 5 – Open Space


PDF Document Chapter 6 – Shadows


PDF Document Chapter 7 – Historic Resources


PDF Document Chapter 8 – Urban Design & Visual Resources


PDF Document Chapter 9 – Neighborhood Characteristics


PDF Document Chapter 10 – Hazardous Materials


PDF Document Chapter 11 – Natural Resources


PDF Document Chapter 12 – Waterfront Revitalization


PDF Document Chapter 13 – Infratructure


PDF Document Chapter 14 – Solid Waste and Sanitation Services


PDF Document Chapter 15 – Energy


PDF Document Chapter 16 – Traffic and Parking


PDF Document Chapter 17 – Transit and Pedestrians


PDF Document Chapter 18 – Air Quality


PDF Document Chapter 19 – Noise


PDF Document Chapter 20 – Construction


PDF Document Chapter 21 – Public Health


PDF Document Chapter 22 – Mitigation


PDF Document Chapter 23 – Alternatives


PDF Document Chapter 24 – Unavoidable Adverse Impacts


PDF Document Chapter 25 – Growth-Inducing Aspects of the Proposed Action


PDF Document Chapter 26 – Irreversible and Irretrievable
                        Commitments of Resources


PDF Document Chapter 27 – Response to Comments


PDF Document Appendix A – Proposed Zoning Text Amendment


PDF Document Appendix B – NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission


PDF Document Appendix C – Natural Resources Appendix (Part 1 of 2)


PDF Document Appendix C – Natural Resources Appendix (Part 2 of 2)


PDF Document Appendix D –The Metropolitan Transportation Authority Letter
                        of Resolution (No. 7 Subway)


PDF Document Appendix E – Hazardous Material Appendix


PDF Document Appendix F – NYC Waterfront Revitalization Program
                        Consistency Assessment Form


PDF Document Appendix G – RWCDS Tables for Alternatives


PDF Document Appendix H – Written Comments on the DEIS



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