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West Chelsea Zoning Proposal - Approved!
Introduction | Background & Existing Conditions | Proposal | EIS | Timeline



The High Line
The West Chelsea rezoning proposal contains provisions intended to enhance the proposed High Line open space and to ensure that adjacent developments engage with and relate to the High Line. To encourage preservation of light and air around the High Line, the proposal would allow development rights to be transferred from High Line properties to designated receiving sites within the Special West Chelsea District. New development along Tenth Avenue, adjacent to the High Line, would also be subject to a series of building bulk and use controls to encourage connections to the High Line and the preservation of light, air and views.

The rezoning proposal would create a High Line Transfer Corridor (HLTC). The HLTC would generally be 100-feet wide and would contain the entire High Line structure and portions of adjacent lots between West 18th and West 30th Streets (indicated on the Proposed Zoning map). Owners of property within the HLTC would be permitted to transfer their development rights, equivalent to the base FAR for the property, to designated receiving sites within the Special District. The construction of stair access to the High Line would be required as a condition of the transfer on some properties.

Separate site selection and acquisition actions would transfer control of the High Line to the City and would facilitate the implementation of a master plan design for the High Line open space.


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