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West Chelsea Zoning Proposal - Approved!
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CPC Approval with Modifications - May 25, 2005
On May 25, 2005 , the City Planning Commission approved the 3 ULURP applications for the West Chelsea/High Line proposal. (Read the CPC Report: PDF document N 050161(A) ZRM, C 050162 (A) ZMM and C 050163 PCM). The West Chelsea/High Line application presents several actions for approval by the City Planning Commission (CPC). The adopted actions include Zoning Map and Zoning Text amendments and site selection and acquisition for public open space. The Zoning Text amendments were approved with further modifications.

  • Zoning Text Amendment– Creating a new Special West Chelsea District and specifying bulk and use controls unique to West Chelsea; eliminating the Special Mixed Use (MX-3) District. View the PDF ICon Adopted Modified Zoning Text Amendment (N 050161(A) ZRM).

  • Zoning Map Amendment – Rezoning portions of the West Chelsea area from M1-5 light manufacturing zoning to allow mixed commercial and residential development; eliminating the existing Special Mixed Use (MX-3) District. View the PDF ICon Adopted Modified Zoning Map Change (C 050162(A) ZMM).

  • Acquisition and site selection of the High Line by the city to facilitate its reuse as a public open space (C 050163 PCM).

The approved Zoning Text amendments include modifications that were made to respond to concerns raised during the public review process. These modifications are listed below:

Affordable Housing – Section 98-26

  • A portion of the increase in floor area between the base and maximum FAR could now be achieved through use of the Inclusionary Housing Program in C6-2, C6-3 and C6-4 districts

  • The Preservation Option in the Inclusionary Housing Program would be modified to increase its use
Bulk and Density modifications – Section 98-22
  • 10th Avenue, 19th/20th – 22/23rd streets (C6-2 District)

    • The maximum FAR was reduced from 6 to 5 FAR and maximum permitted height was reduced from 120 to 80 feet to ensure new development relates to the lower scale Chelsea Historic District.

  • 10th Avenue (east side), 17th – 18th streets (C6-3 District)

    • To compensate for the reduction in density across from the Chelsea Historic District, this portion of the rezoning area would be changed from a C6-2 to a C6-3 district, the maximum FAR would increase from 6 to 7.5 FAR, and the maximum permitted height would increase from 120 to 135 feet.

  • 10th Avenue, 24th – 28th streets (C6-2 District)

    • The maximum streetwall height was reduced from 145 to 125 feet to ensure new development relates to the scale of existing buildings along this portion of 10th Avenue.

  • 11th Avenue, 18th – 22nd streets (C6-3 District)

    • The 30 to 40 percent tower coverage regulations were replaced with a maximum tower width of 150 feet and a maximum height of 250 to encourage more slender towers.

  • 11th Avenue, 22nd – 24th streets (C6-3 District)

    • The 145 foot height limit was replaced with a tower form regulated by a maximum tower width of 150 feet and a maximum height of 250 to encourage slender towers.

  • 30th Street (C6-4 District)

    • The streetwall was reduced from a 60 to 85 foot range to a 40 to 60 foot range to create a better relationship between the base of new buildings on the south side of West 30th Street and the height of the High Line on the north side of West 30th Street.

    • The width of towers above a height of 220 feet are regulated by a maximum width of 150 feet to ensure more slender towers.

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