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Roadway Planning and Intelligent Transportation System Projects Roadway Planning and Other Projects

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These studies are mostly geared to address existing and future transportation due to anticipated impacts of land use changes. The size of the study area could span from a local neighborhood to citywide. Their analysis covers vehicular and pedestrian circulation and safety, transit services and parking supply.
Hutchinson River Parkway Study Hutchinson River Parkway Transportation Corridor Study (2015), the Hutchinson River Parkway Transportation Corridor Study was undertaken by the New York City Department of City Planning Bronx Borough Office and Transportation Division. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the transportation needs along and surrounding the Hutchinson River Parkway corridor with the goal of improving existing conditions and developing longer-term recommendations for improvements as the area continues to grow.
Cromwell Avenue -Jerome Avenue Transportation Study Cromwell Avenue -Jerome Avenue Transportation Study (2015), As a part of the Jerome Avenue Neighborhood Study, the New York City Department of City Planning Transportation Division is undertaking a transportation study of the area around Cromwell Avenue and Jerome Avenue in the Bronx.

The goal of the study is to identify existing problematic locations related to traffic and transportation and provide recommendations for improvements to circulation, mobility, safety and access for pedestrians, vehicles and bicyclists.

Atlantic Avenue Corridor Atlantic Avenue Corridor (2014), This corridor study area examines the avenue between Barclays Center/Vanderbilt Avenue and East New York/Eastern Parkway Extension and reviews its potential to serve as a multimodal corridor that accommodates a wide variety of users, including pedestrians, bicycles, cars, buses, trucks and trains, to serve the transportation needs of businesses, residents, and visitors throughout the area in the future.
Red Hook Transportation Study Red Hook Transportation Study (2014), This study identifies incremental improvements that can be made by the City and Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to improve transportation for all modes and users in the community of Red Hook, Brooklyn. The report’s recommendations were drawn up in consultation with the local Red Hook community.
Western Queens Transportation Study Western Queens Transportation Study (2014), The New York City Department of City Planning (DCP) has undertaken the Western Queens Transportation Study with the goal of improving mobility and enhancing connections both within western Queens and to other areas of the city, including nearby Roosevelt Island and northern Brooklyn.
Mobility Initiatives For An Aging Populatio Mobility Initiatives For An Aging Population: A Scan of Current Practices (2011), sets out to identify current mobility issues of older adults and examines innovative solutions in transportation, mobility and accessibility for an aging population.  The 17 case studies examined, eleven of which are in the U.S., are divided into these categories: Driving, Public Transportation and Taxis, Pedestrian Improvements, Planning Tools, and Innovative Technologies and Educational Programs.  They address safety, accessibility and transportation choice to enhance mobility.

Chinatown Bus Study
The Chinatown Bus Study (2009) examines the operations of the private interstate bus companies that load and discharge passengers throughout Chinatown in Lower Manhattan.

Broadway Junction Transportation Study
Broadway Junction Transportation Study (2008) was undertaken to assess the unused existing and future transit capacity available in the study area.  These findings will be used to guide and inform any future discussions about land use and development in the Broadway Junction area of Brooklyn.
Residential Parking Study Residential Parking Study: Automobile Ownership Rates and Off-Street Parking Requirements in Portions of New York City: Manhattan CDs 9-12, the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn (2009), is a citywide study of both the Zoning Resolution’s parking requirements for new housing and the car ownership patterns of the residents of such housing.
Parking Facilities icon
Interactive NYC Parking Facility Locator has interactive maps show the location of more than 1,900 parking facilities licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs in The Bronx, xBrooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.
World Cities Best Practices
World Cities Best Practices (2008), surveys transportation modes and technologies, in cities around the globe, that could be implemented in New York City to reduce congestion and encourage community and economic development. 
Inventory of Opportunities Over Transportation Properties
Inventory of Decking Opportunities Over Transportation Properties (2008), catalogues approximately 1,000 acres of subgrade road and rail corridors throughout the city, plus rail yards. While building in any of these corridors would be complex, were they to be decked over, opportunities would be provided to reunite communities and create the potential for new surface-level uses.  The inventory is intended as a  tool for stakeholders involved in any future planning for these sites.
Harlem/Morningside Heights
Harlem/Morningside Heights Transportation Study - Draft Technical Memorandum No.1: Existing Conditions (2005) is a comprehensive analysis of existing conditions with respect to demography, land use and zoning, traffic and transportation, parking, pedestrian and bicycle movement, transit, and accidents and goods movement.
North Corona
The North Corona Transportation Study (2005) was initiated in response to community concerns about existing and potential traffic congestion and safety issues as a result of rezoning and potential land use developments in North Corona, Queens.
Bay Terrace
Bay Terrace Transportation Study (2004) provides a comprehensive analysis of existing and potential vehicular circulation, parking demand, public transit utilization, and pedestrian circulation patterns in this northern Queens community.
Preliminary Recommendations for Downtown Flushin Cover

The Preliminary Recommendations for Downtown Flushing Parking Guidance System (2004) proposes a guidance system that will direct drivers looking for parking, to parking facilities with available spaces. 

Charleston Transportation Study
Charleston Transportation Study (2003) assesses potential land use development scenarios in order to provide a comprehensive analysis of existing and potential future vehicular, parking, public transit, and pedestrian circulation patterns primarily on Arthur Kill Road and the local street system.
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