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Third Avenue Corridor Rezoning - Approved!
Proposed Zoning
Overview | Existing Context & Zoning | Proposed Zoning | Public Review

Zoning Map Amendment
Contextual zoning districts place strictly defined building envelope requirements on new residential developments, establishing maximum building heights and mandating continuous street walls with setbacks above specified base heights.  As described in this proposal, these controls would help ensure that new development throughout the rezoning area reflect the existing scale and character found in the surrounding context.

The rezoning includes a Zoning Map change from C6-1 to a contextual C6-2A designation.  This action would establish new FAR limits as well as introduce new height and setback controls, setting minimum and maximum base heights, and maximum overall building heights.  The use, density and building forms controls permitted by the C6-2A would reflect the subtle variation found in the area’s built character.

Proposed Zoning Map
Proposed Zoning Map
PDF Document View a larger image.
Schematic Bulk Diagram, Proposed C6-2A District
Schematic Bulk Diagram, Proposed C6-2A District
PDF Document View a larger image.

As part of the zoning map amendment (and as described in more detail below; see “Inclusionary Housing”), the proposed C6-2A district would permit a maximum 7.2 FAR for new residential development, provided that 20% of residential floor area is used for affordable housing.  Sites that do not elect to be part of the Inclusionary Housing Program would be permitted a maximum 5.4 FAR.  The overall building heights would be limited to 120 feet and street wall heights limited to 85 feet; base heights would be required to be a minimum of 60 feet.  New construction within the proposed C6-2A district would be required to line up with adjacent structures to maintain the existing street wall.

Summary of Proposed Allowable Densities and Building Forms

Proposed Zoning


Allowed Density (FAR)


Building Form




Community Facility

Bulk Controls

Underlying Zoning District

Base FAR

Inclusionary Housing Bonus

Max. FAR

Max. FAR

Max. FAR

Building base streetwall (feet)

Building Height max.












Inclusionary Housing Program
As part of the City's ongoing effort to provide new housing opportunities, the proposed Third Avenue Corridor Rezoning also includes the mapping of an inclusionary housing program area.  The inclusionary housing bonus combines a zoning floor area bonus with a variety of housing subsidy programs to create powerful incentives for the development and preservation of affordable housing.  Developments taking advantage of the full bonus must devote at least 20 percent of their total floor area (excluding ground-floor non-residential floor area) to housing that will remain permanently affordable to lower-income households.

In the proposed C6-2A district, residential development without an affordable housing component would be limited to a base FAR of 5.4.  Developments providing affordable housing are eligible for a floor area bonus, within contextual height and bulk regulations tailored to this area.  Developments could qualify for a maximum FAR of 7.2 (within the 60'-85' street wall limit and the 120-foot overall building height limit) in the designated districts by providing 20 percent of the residential floor area in the development as permanently affordable housing for low- and moderate-income households, or by constructing or preserving off-site affordable units for low-income households.  Off-site units must be located within Community District 3, or within one half-mile of the compensated development if outside of Community District 3.  Other city, state and federal housing finance programs may be used to provide further assistance in creating affordable units.

View the PDF Document adopted text amendment.

Overview | Existing Context & Zoning | Proposed Zoning | Public Review

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