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Sunnyside Gardens Rezoning - Approved!
Existing Context
Introduction and Public Review | Existing Context | Proposed Zoning

Sunnyside Gardens is a predominantly residential area encompassing part of 16 blocks following the city’s traditional grid street pattern within the larger Sunnyside neighborhood of Queens. Located between 43rd and 52nd streets, Queens Boulevard and Barnett Avenue, Sunnyside Gardens was developed between 1924 and 1928 by the City Housing Corporation and designed by architects Clarence Stein, Henry Wright, and Frederick Ackerman and landscape architect Marjorie Cautley based upon the English Garden City model. The neighborhood is comprised of roughly 600 two-story row houses in combinations of one-, two, and three-family units grouped in clusters of 10 to 12 around a series of  courts containing common gardens, in addition to eighteen apartment buildings, two community parks and neighborhood stores. The common gardens account for over 70 percent of the lot area and are a primary defining feature of the site plan, offering residents light, air and greenery.

In 1974, Sunnyside Gardens, along with Fresh Meadows in Queens, Parkchester in the Bronx, and Harlem River Houses in Manhattan, were designated Special Planned Community Preservation (PC) Districts to protect their distinctive character and site plans. General purposes of the Special Planned Community Preservation District are:
(a) to preserve and protect the Special Districts as superior examples of town planning or large-scale development;

(b) to preserve and protect the character and integrity of these unique communities which, by their existing site plan, pedestrian and vehicular circulation system, balance between buildings and open space, harmonious scale of the development, related commercial uses, open space arrangement and landscaping add to the quality of urban life;

(c) to preserve and protect the variety of neighborhoods and communities that presently exist which contribute greatly to the livability of New York City;

(d) to maintain and protect the environmental quality that the Special District offers to its residents and the City-at-large; and

(e) to guide future development within the Special Districts that is consistent with the existing character, quality and amenity of the Special District.

Sunnyside Gardens includes R4, R7-1, C4-2 and M1-1 zoning districts  Currently in the Sunnyside Gardens Special Planned Community Preservation District (SGPC) no new development, enlargement, demolition of buildings or substantial alteration of landscaping or topography is permitted within the Special Planned Community Preservation District except by special permit of the City Planning Commission.

Introduction and Public Review | Existing Context | Proposed Zoning

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