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Gazetteer of City Property Gazetteer of City Property 2010, listing city-owned and leased properties by borough, community district, tax block/lot, address, type of use and agency. ($8.00 Gazetteer)

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Use the link below to access the full report.

The Gazetteer of City Property 2010 is the latest in the series of biennial reports required under Section 204 of the City Charter. It is published in conjunction with the 2010 Atlas of City Property and the Citywide Statement of Needs for Fiscal Years 2012 and 2013.

Contents of the Gazetteer 
The city and its related authorities own or lease a diverse inventory of about 18,500 properties. The Gazetteer of City Property 2010 is a comprehensive listing of all of these city properties. It also indicates which agency uses each site and for what purpose. This inventory includes public facilities (such as schools, police stations, libraries, and health centers); agency facilities (such as offices, warehouses, pollution control plants, and highway maintenance yards); properties leased out by the city (such as parking lots, storefronts, and piers); residential properties (such as apartment buildings, row houses, and Housing Authority buildings); and properties with no current use (such as vacant land, abandoned buildings, and land under water).

The inventory of city properties changes continually as the city acquires property for new or expanding facilities, or disposes of surplus properties. The use of a property may also change as needs within an agency shift or as one agency replaces another at a given site.  For these reasons, the Gazetteer of City Property 2010 represents a "snapshot-in-time" as of February 4, 2011.

The Gazetteer of City Property 2010 has been produced from data in the Integrated Property Information System (IPIS), a real estate database maintained by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS).  DCAS now posts the City Owned and Leased Property data as a CSV File, a format readily accessible for use in spreadsheet or database programs, on the New York City Data Mine website.   

To access New York City Data Mine go to: (search Data by Agency, choose ‘DCAS’ and select ‘IPIS (Integrated Property Information System’).

View PDF Document Gazetteer of City Property 2010. Please note:  2010 Gazetteer data reflects modified DCAS data recording procedures.  Any questions may be directed to James Montefinise, of DCAS, at

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You can purchase this publication at the City Planning Map & Bookstore
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