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Citywide Statement of Needs for Fiscal years 2014 and 2015 Citywide Statement of Needs for Fiscal Years 2016 and 2017, proposals to site, expand, or close city facilities, categorized by agency, in conjunction with city's facility siting process.
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Use the link below to access the full report.

The Citywide Statement of Needs for Fiscal Years 2016 and 2017 is the latest in the series of annual reports required under Section 204 of the City Charter. This document is an important tool for aligning some of the Administration’s priorities – reducing inequalities, providing affordable housing, leveraging investments in neighborhood infrastructure and services – with agency capital projects and siting decisions that address community needs. Along with the Criteria for the Location of City Facilities (the Fair Share Criteria), available on the Department’s website the Citywide Statement of Needs is part of a planning process in which communities are informed at the earliest possible stage of the City's needs for facilities and the specific criteria for selecting the locations of those facilities.

In conjunction with the Citywide Statement of Needs, an updated listing of City Owned and Leased Properties—formerly published as the Gazetteer and Atlas of City Property—is prepared biennially, providing geographic information about the use and location of existing and city-owned and leased properties. Beginning with the 2014 release, this information and additional documentation describing these resources is now available exclusively online in two user-friendly formats:

As part of a continuing program to provide the necessary tools for informed public participation in the process for the siting of city facilities, DCP also issues the Selected Facilities and Program Sites Database which contains over 20,000 datasets describing city, state, federal and non-profit health and mental health, social service, public safety, educational, recreational, transportation and waste management facilities. This information is also available on the Department’s BYTES of the BIG APPLE webpage.

Contents of the Statement of Needs
The Citywide Statement of Needs contains proposals to establish, replace, consolidate, expand or reduce or close City facilities in all five boroughs during the next two fiscal years. Significant expansions and reductions are defined as the addition or discontinuance of the use of real property which would expand or reduce the size or capacity of a facility by 25 percent or more.

To help elected officials and community boards identify the proposals likely to affect their communities, the proposals are summarized, by borough and community district, in Part One of this report.

Part Two provides the following information, categorized by agency, for each proposal.

Proposal: The number and type of facilities to be newly established, replaced, consolidated, expanded or reduced.
Area Served: Local/Neighborhood for facilities serving an area no larger than a community district or community service district; Regional for facilities serving two or more community districts or an entire borough; or Citywide for facilities serving the city as a whole.
Public Purpose: The reasons for the proposed action and a description of the facility's program, services and, as appropriate, the approximate number of staff and people served.
Size: The approximate lot area, building size or capacity of the proposed facility.
Location: The borough and, if known, the community district of the site proposed for a new facility or substantial change of an existing facility. Exact locations for new facilities are indicated only when a particular site is under serious consideration.
Siting Criteria: As applicable, the specific locational, access, building or site characteristics required or preferred in locating a new facility; or the criteria used for selecting facilities to be expanded, reduced or closed.

The needs identified in this Statement are constrained by realistic expectations of funding availability and implementation timetables. Nevertheless, some of the proposals included in the Statement may be eliminated or deferred beyond fiscal year 2017 because of funding limitations.

The actions proposed include anticipated property acquisitions or site selections funded in the city's capital budget, as well as leases or contracts that would newly establish or significantly expand a facility. The Statement contains proposals for which ULURP or Section 195 applications or contract approvals are anticipated during fiscal years 2016 and 2017, including proposals that appeared in last year's document but have since been modified. Proposals in last year's Statement which have not been modified are not repeated this year. Appendix A provides a summary of the status of those proposals.

Appendix B provides a list of new schools, both new construction and leased space, included in the Department of Education's proposed Five-Year Capital Plan for Fiscal Years 2015-2019, adopted in June 2014, and its subsequent amendments.

Borough Presidents and community boards seeking further information about proposals in the Statement may contact the agency liaisons listed in Appendix C.

The FY 2016 and 2017 Citywide Statement of Needs (SON) is available for free download:

PDF Document Mayoral Memorandum
PDF Document Citywide Statement of Needs for Fiscal Years 2016 and 2017

View the PDF Document Citywide Statement of Needs for Fiscal Years 2015 and 2016

The Statement is submitted for review to the City Council, the borough presidents, borough boards and community boards. Within 90 days, the boards and the borough presidents may submit written comments to the Department of City Planning. During the same 90-day period, Borough Presidents may propose locations for any new city facilities to be located in their boroughs if the locations are consistent with the Criteria for the Location of City Facilities and with the specific siting criteria in the Statement of Needs. Any proposal subject to the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) which is not included in the Statement must be submitted to the affected Borough President for a 30-day review period before a ULURP application may be certified.

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