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Community District Needs, Fiscal Years 2011 cover Community District Needs, Fiscal Year 2012, five borough volumes of community board statements of need, with demographic, land use, and capital budget profiles of each district. Community District Needs, Fiscal Years 2011 CD-Rom cover

Use the links below to access the full report. The report is available by borough volume, in pdf format.

PDF Document Bronx (15.1 MB)
PDF Document Brooklyn (20.1 MB)
PDF Document Manhattan (10.8 MB)
PDF Document Queens (29.9 MB)
PDF Document Staten Island (10.5 MB)


These Statements of Community District Needs, prepared by New York City's community boards, provide a context for development and assessment of their budget priorities.  Pursuant to Sections 230 and 231 of the City Charter, community boards submit annual expense and capital budget priorities which must be considered by city agencies in the preparation of their departmental budget estimates.

Material preceding each statement, supplied by the Department of City Planning, summarizes district demographic and land use characteristics.  The district profiles include:

  • Population counts from the 1980, 1990, and 2000 censuses.  2008 population estimates are listed for the City and borough totals based on Department of City Planning estimates as adopted by the Census Bureau in July 2008.  For more information on the City’s population data, see;

  • Resident births and deaths within New York City, 2000 and 2008, from data prepared by the New York City Department of Health;

  • 2000 and 2010 income support levels -- Cash Assistance, Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid-Only (excluding nursing home cases) -- provided by the New York City Human Resources Administration from their Medicaid Eligibility File;

  • Total land area from the Department of City Planning's 2007 LION street and District base map files; and

  • Land use in 2010, from the city’s Real Property File providing the number of tax lots, lot area and percentage of total lot area in each land use category.  Lot area is in thousands of square feet and excludes lots with missing dimensions.  Lots with certain classifications, such as land under water, are categorized as “Miscellaneous”.  The land uses of joint interest areas, which are not part of any community district, are assigned to appropriate categories in the borough and citywide profiles.  For example, Central Park is counted as “Open Space Recreation” in the Manhattan and New York City profiles.  City and borough land use totals may therefore exceed the sum of the community districts.

This edition of Community District Needs features selected characteristics from the American Community Survey based on 55 Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs) that approximate NYC community districts but are not coterminous with them.  The American Community Survey is a Census Bureau nationwide survey designed to provide annual updates for geographic areas.  Based on 2006-2008 three year population estimates, listings for each community district (and PUMA areas) feature updated estimates for selected housing characteristics including housing occupancy, type and age of structure, housing tenure, vehicles available, average household size, and costs as a percentage of household income.  A map is provided showing PUMAs and community districts.  To learn more about ACS see

This edition continues to include borough maps of City Council districts and computer-generated base maps of community districts.  The base maps are available on the Department’s website.  Summaries of the 2000 census data are provided.  Each district profile also contains a listing of line-item projects funded in the Fiscal Year 2011 Capital Budget.  More information by community district, including land use maps and selected community facilities, is available at the Community Data Portal.

The Department hopes that these statements will prove useful to communities and agencies planning for future programs and services.  We welcome suggestions for the next edition of Community District Needs.

View the 2013 Community District Needs.
View the 2011 Community District Needs.
View the 2010 Community District Needs.

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