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Prince's Bay Rezoning - Approved!
Introduction | Existing Context and Zoning | Proposed Zoning | Public Review

  Update November 15, 2006:
On November 15, 2006, the City Council adopted the Prince's Bay zoning map changes as proposed (PDF Document see CPC report C 060465 ZMR) and zoning text amendment as modified by the City Planning Commission (PDF Document see CPC report N 060464 ZRR). The zoning changes are now in effect.

The Department of City Planning (DCP) and Council Member Andrew Lanza propose zoning map changes and a zoning text amendment that would affect the Prince’s Bay/Pleasant Plains/Richmond Valley community within Staten Island Community District 3.

The rezoning proposal seeks to:
  • Preserve neighborhood scale and character by mapping low-density zoning districts. The area generally bounded by the prolongation of Sherwood Avenue, Richard Avenue and Hylan Boulevard would be rezoned from R3-2 to R3X which permits only one- and two-family detached dwellings.  The area generally bounded by Indale Avenue, Hylan Boulevard and Johnson Terrace would be rezoned from R3X to R1-2 which permits only single-family detached homes.

  • Amend the zoning text to establish two special areas within the Special South Richmond Development District (SSRDD). One, Special Area LL, would maintain its existing low-density character by requiring a minimum lot size of 5,700 square feet for both one- and two-family homes. The other, Special Area SH, would provide opportunity for development of non-profit housing for the elderly at appropriate locations.

Introduction | Existing Context and Zoning | Proposed Zoning | Public Review

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