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Olinville Rezoning - Approved!
Proposed Text Amendment
Overview | Existing Zoning | Proposed Text Amendment | Proposed Zoning Map Changes
DCP proposes a new zoning district—R5A—that would permit only large detached houses with a contextual building form on smaller and narrower zoning lots than required in R5 districts. In the proposed R5A district:
  • New housing would be limited to one and two-family detached buildings.
  • The maximum floor area ratio (FAR) would be 1.1 with an additional 300 square feet of floor area for provision of a detached garage.
  • Minimum lot size would be 2,850 square-feet and minimum lot width would be 30 feet.
  • A line-up provision would require front yards to be either 10 feet deep or at least as deep as adjacent front yards.
  • Two side yards totaling at least 13 feet and each one at least 5 feet wide would be required.
  • A minimum distance of 8 feet between buildings on adjacent zoning lots is mandated.
  • The maximum building height would be 35 feet with a maximum perimeter wall of 25 feet.
  • One parking space would be required per dwelling unit (100%).

Comparison of Existing R5 and Proposed R5A District

  Existing R5 District Proposed R5A District
Housing Type All housing types One-and Two-Family detached
Minimum Lot Area 3,800 sf Detached; 1,700 sf Other 2,850 square feet
Minimum Lot Width 40 feet Detached; 18 feet Other 30 feet
Floor Area Ratio 1.25 1.1 + 300 sf. increase for providing a detached garage
Front Yard 10 or 18 feet minimum 10 feet or at least as deep as adjacent front yard
Side Yards Detached: 2 required, 13 feet total, 5 feet minimum 2 required, 13 feet total (minimum); 2 feet minimum (8 feet minimum between buildings)
Maximum Height 40 feet (30-foot street wall) 35 feet (25-foot street wall)
Parking 85% of dwelling units 100% of dwelling units
Sources: New York City Zoning Resolution (existing), New York City Department of City Planning (proposed), August 2005.

PDF Document View the Proposed Zoning Text Amendment.

PDF Document View an illustration of the R5A proposal.

Overview | Existing Zoning | Proposed Text Amendment | Proposed Zoning Map Changes

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