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North Tribeca Rezoning - Approved!
Proposed Zoning
Overview | Existing Context & Zoning | Proposed Zoning | Public Review

Proposed Zoning Map
Proposed Zoning Map
PDF Document View a larger image
The Department of City Planning is proposing to map contextual zoning districts to place strictly defined building envelope requirements on new residential developments, establishing maximum building heights and mandating continuous street walls with setbacks above specified base heights.  These controls would help ensure that new development throughout the rezoning area relates to the existing scale and character found throughout northern Tribeca.

In conjunction with the proposed Zoning Map changes, the Department is proposing a Zoning Text Amendment to eliminate the existing subareas B1 and B2 and creates three new subareas each with their own specific FARs, minimum and maximum base heights, and maximum building heights. The different densities and building forms permitted by the C6-2A – and its corresponding bulk controls as applicable to the new subareas -- would reflect the subtle variation found in the area’s built character. PDF Document View the zoning comparison chart.

Area A4
East side of West Street
East side of West Street
Area A4 is bounded by West Street to the west, Watts Street to the north, a line drawn 100 feet to the west of Washington Street on the east, and Hubert Street to the south. Under the proposed zoning, the existing Area A4 would be narrowed and be limited to the existing C6-3A zoning district. The 60 to 70 foot street wall requirement and the building height limit of 150 feet would remain unchanged.

Washington and Greenwich Streets Area (Area A5)
West side of Greenwich Street, near Desbrosses Street
West side of Greenwich Street, near Desbrosses Street
The existing C6-2A bulk envelopes in Area A4 will be expanded to the north and the west with Canal Street as the northern boundary, Collister Street and its northerly extension as the western boundary, and Beach and Hubert Streets to the south. The existing bulk envelope of 5.5 FAR, within a 60 to 70 feet street wall and a maximum building height of 110 feet would be unchanged.
Holland Rotary Area (Area A6)
South side of Hubert Street, near Hudson Street
South side of Hubert Street, near Hudson Street
As part of the proposal (and as described in more detail below; see “Inclusionary Housing”), the proposed C6-2A districts would permit a maximum 7.2 FAR for new residential development, provided that 20% of residential floor area is used for affordable housing units.  Sites not providing affordable housing would be permitted a maximum FAR of 5.4. The overall building heights would be limited to 120 feet and street wall heights limited to 85 feet; base heights would be required to be a minimum of 60 feet.  New development within the proposed C6-2A districts would be required to line up with adjacent structures to maintain existing street wall characteristics. 

Lispenard Street Area (Area A7)
Mid-block of South side of Canal Street
Mid-block of South side of Canal Street
The Lispenard Street Area would be bounded by Canal Street to the north, Broadway on the east, Walker Street to the south, and 6th Avenue on the east. The Lispenard Street Area would have a maximum FAR of 5.0, and the street wall would be between 60 and 85 feet and have a maximum building height of 120 feet.

Other Proposed Zoning Text Amendment

Use Groups

In order to encourage and preserve a mix of uses, which have historically been a part of Tribeca, the Department proposes a series of text amendments to modify the Special TMU District. The Department of City Planning worked closely with Community Board 1 to determine a set of uses and size restrictions that would be appropriate for the area. The text amendment would:

  1. Restrict the combining of ground floor spaces in separate buildings for some uses on narrow streets,
  2. Limit the size of ground floor retail establishments to 5,000 square feet on buildings fronting on narrow streets and 10,000 square feet per establishment for buildings fronting on wide streets,
  3. Restrict transient hotels to 100 rooms except by special permit, and
  4. Permit a mix of light manufacturing uses which would otherwise be restricted under C6-2A regulations.
These modifications would help preserve northern Tribeca’s unique mix of working artists spaces, office space, and residences. The existing mixed use character would be enhanced by the proposed restrictions on ground floor retail size and hotel size. The text amendment would also include special permits to waive the retail and hotel size restrictions.

Residential Conversion Requirements
The proposed text amendment would eliminate loft dwelling requirements on size and window area. Instead, the conversion of existing buildings would be governed by the underlying zoning district and regulations on conversions to residential use which are used throughout the City. For example, existing zoning regulates unit size by requiring a minimum of 2,000 square feet or by meeting a certain window to floor area ratio. In the proposed text, units will be governed by density requirements which allow for greater range of housing from studios to family size apartments.

The proposed text would also remove any language related to City Planning Commission approvals for the conversion or enlargement of existing buildings to dwelling use. Under the proposed map amendment, residential use would be as-of-right, removing the need for these approvals.

Inclusionary Housing Program

Finally, the North Tribeca rezoning proposal would apply the Inclusionary Housing Program to Area A6 and establish incentives for the creation and preservation of affordable housing in conjunction with development of new housing.

Under the Inclusionary Housing Program, for residential development without an affordable housing component, the maximum FAR would be limited to a base FAR of 5.4. Developments providing affordable housing are eligible for a floor area bonus, within contextual height and bulk regulations tailored to this area. Developments could qualify for a maximum FAR of 7.2 (within the 60'-85' street wall limit and the 120-foot overall building height limit) by providing 20 percent of the residential floor area in the development as permanently affordable housing for low- and moderate-income households, or by constructing or preserving off-site affordable units for low-income households. Off-site units must be located within Community District 1, or within one half-mile of the bonused development if outside of Community District 1. Other city, state and federal housing finance programs may be used to provide further assistance in creating affordable units.


On July 16, 2010, City Planning filed a modified application (N 100370(A) ZRM) for the Special Tribeca Mixed Use District text. The Special text is largely identical to the proposal as referred on June 7, 2010. The purpose of the modified application is to clarify that previously approved developments would be able to proceed as approved and would not be subject to the new proposed regulations.

View the PDF Document adopted text amendment.

PDF Document Items accompanied by this symbol require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Brief explanations of terms in green italics can be viewed by clicking on the term. Words and phrases followed by an asterisk (*) are defined terms in the Zoning Resolution, primarily in Section 12-10. Consult the Zoning Resolution for the official and legally binding definitions of these words and phrases.
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