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  Archived Content

This page describes Malcolm X Boulevard as it appeared in 2001.  The tour was developed as part of the Malcolm X Boulevard Streetscape Enhancement Project.  These pages are no longer being updated.

6. Martin Luther King, Jr. Houses
East side of Malcolm X Blvd. from W. 112th to W. 115th Streets

Typical of public housing projects built in the early 1950's, these international style monoliths were erected in phases and finally completed in 1954. The portion on Malcolm X Blvd., named in memory of the slain civil rights leader, is part of a series of four contiguous public housing developments that extend from Malcolm X Blvd. east to First Avenue between W. 112th and W. 115th Streets. In 1991 there were 1,379 dwelling units and an estimated 3,534 tenants at Martin Luther King, Jr. Houses, alone. Also included in "public housing row" are the Senator Robert A. Taft Houses from Fifth to Park Avenues, James W. Johnson Houses from Park to Third Avenues and Jefferson Houses from Third to First Avenues, bringing the total to 5,652 dwelling units and an estimated 14,254 residents. This figure may be higher due to the recent increase in extended families. The complexes have playgrounds, public open space, and other amenities for the residents.

Martin Luther King Jr. Houses (from 113 looking North)
photo of martin luther king jr. houses (from 113 looking north)

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