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Manhattan Waterfront Greenway
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  Archived Content

This page describes the state of the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway in 2004.  It was developed as an overview of the planning process at that time.  Current information about this and other components of New York City's bicycle network can be found at the Department of Transportation website.  See more information about the Department of City Planning's Bicycle and Greenway Planning program.

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Riverside Park Locator Map
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The Riverside Park path primarily sits between the Hudson River and a grassy hill which is popular among sun bathers and picnickers, but from West 91st to West 83rd Street the Henry Hudson Parkway comes so close to the river that the path is almost non-existent. In this location the path is unpaved and too narrow to allow both wheeled users and pedestrians. Currently pedestrians are allowed on the path and cyclists and rollerbladers are directed to use an upland path in the park. In case greenway users don’t notice the signs, the path is blocked by boulders that effectively prevent cyclists and rollerbladers from entering. The upland path is quite wide, has lovely views of the river, and runs beside two beautiful gardens.

The waterfront path will be expanded when the bulkhead is repaired and a cantilevered structure is added. The path will then be a 14-foot wide separated-use greenway. DPR needs more funding for this project, but it is expected to be complete by 2018.

photo of the Hudson River at 86th Street
Hudson River at 86th Street

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