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Morrisania Rezoning Proposal - Approved!
Background and Context
Introduction | Background and Context | Existing and Proposed Zoning

Background & Context:

Aerial View
aerial map of morrisania
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Land Use
land use map of morrisania
View a full size graphic

Morrisania was once a vibrant manufacturing center. From the mid-19th century until World War II, this area was home to a variety of industries ranging from breweries to piano manufacturers. Tenements, rowhouses, and old frame dwellings within the community offered accessible living quarters to factory workers. Railroads and elevated lines provided rapid links to other parts of the borough and to Manhattan. However, by the 1950's, both the manufacturing and residential components of the community entered a long decline. Local Penn Central Railroad (Metro-North) service was discontinued in the early 1970's, and rail service on the Third Avenue elevated line terminated in 1973. By the 1980's, many of the manufacturing and residential buildings in the area had been abandoned or demolished. A significant population decline resulted, leaving the area desolate and blighted.

Existing Land Use
The area proposed for rezoning includes a mix of land uses, predominantly parking lots, vacant land and vacant commercial or residential buildings. Commercial developments tend to be smaller businesses located along Third Avenue which serves as a commercial corridor in the borough. Residential uses include single- and two-family frame buildings, brick rowhouses and larger apartment buildings. Residential uses are scattered throughout the study area but are found primarily north of East 165th Street along Washington Avenue. Community facilities, spread throughout the rezoning area, are mainly small storefront houses of worship. There is also a long history of mixed-use buildings in Morrisania (residential units above a first floor commercial or community facility use).


photo of vacant 2-story warehouse
Vacant two-story warehouse located at Third Avenue and East 168th Street
land use map of morrisania
Vacant five-story multi-family building at East 166th Street between Third and Washington Avenues

Background & Context:

Introduction | Background and Context | Existing and Proposed Zoning
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