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Ladies' Mile Rezoning - Approved!
Proposed Zoning (C6-4A)
Objectives | Land Use & Neighborhood Character | Existing Zoning | Proposed Zoning
C6-4A zones allow for a mix of commercial and residential uses with an FAR of 10 (bonusable to 12 with inclusionary housing). The C6-4A zone caps overall building heights at 185 feet and requires a street wall of between 60 and 125 feet. A concurrent zoning text change applicable only within this area would allow the street wall height to be raised up to 150 feet a typical street wall height in the area. These bulk regulations would replace the tower rules of the existing M1-6M zoning, which limit street walls to just 85 feet, allow a building to set back from the street line, and allow a building to rise without a height limit.

Potential Building (Existing M1-6M zoning)
Potential Building (Existing M1-6M zoning)
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Potential Building (Proposed C6-4A zoning)
Potential Building (Proposed C6-4A zoning)
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  Existing Zoning (M1-6M) Proposed Zoning (C6-4A)
Permitted Uses: Commercial, light manufacturing, limited residential conversions Commercial, light manufacturing, residential
Maximum FAR: 10 (2 FAR bonus for plaza) 10 (2 FAR bonus for inclusionary housing)
Minimum Street Wall: No street wall required 60 feet
Maximum Street Wall: 85 feet 125 feet (or up to 150 feet to match adjacent building)
Maximum Building Height: No height limit 185 feet

The proposed C6-4A zoning would reflect the evolution of the area from one dominated by manufacturing uses to one with a wide mix of uses including a significant residential presence. The proposed zoning would allow for much-needed new housing construction, including the potential for affordable housing, in an appropriate building form that respects the existing built context. Specifically:

  • The existing bulk envelope, which encourages a tower building form that is inappropriate for this area, would be replaced by bulk controls requiring buildings to have street walls that are in character with the surrounding area (See Existing and Proposed Envelopes);

  • The 2 FAR urban plaza bonus would be made unavailable and replaced by a 2 FAR inclusionary housing bonus;

  • New residential developments and enlargements could be built without discretionary zoning approvals. With the exception of the southwestern corner of the rezoning area which does not fall within the boundaries of the Ladies’ Mile Historic District, any new development would continue to need a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Landmarks Preservation Commission;

  • New manufacturing uses would not be permitted. Existing manufacturing businesses, however, will continue to be treated as conforming uses and will be permitted to expand within the buildings in which they are located;

  • Conversion of existing buildings to residential use would be permitted as-of-right, without the requirement to preserve manufacturing or commercial floor area. The proposed C6-4A zoning is expected to result in a modest increase in the number of residential conversions over what would be expected under M1-6M zoning; and

  • The proposed rezoning is estimated to facilitate the development of approximately 900 new apartments on six underutilized sites over the next ten years. These buildings will put currently underutilized land into productive use and will make a meaningful contribution to the City’s efforts to address its housing shortage.

C6-4A building envelope (minimum 60' street wall height)
C6-4A building envelope
(minimum 60' street wall height)

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 C6-4A building envelope (maximum 125' street wall height)
C6-4A building envelope
(maximum 125' street wall height)

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 C6-4A building envelope (maximum 150' street wall height w/ waiver allowed by concurrent zoning text change)
C6-4A building envelope
(maximum 150' street wall height
w/waiver allowed by
concurrent zoning text change)

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Brief explanations of terms in green italics can be viewed by clicking on the term. Words and phrases followed by an asterisk (*) are defined terms in the Zoning Resolution, primarily in Section 12-10. Consult the Zoning Resolution for the official and legally binding definitions of these words and phrases.

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