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Ladies' Mile Rezoning - Approved!
Existing Zoning (M1-6M)
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The M1-6M zone is a 10 FAR zoning district that allows for commercial and light manufacturing uses and limited residential conversions. M1-6M provisions are intended to control the conversion of manufacturing and commercial space into residences but not to restrict the replacement of manufacturing uses with conforming commercial uses. Thus, development of a wide range of commercial, light manufacturing and related uses is permitted as a matter of right, and conversion to residential uses is permitted in limited circumstances.

Floor area within a building in the M1-6M district may be converted to residential use in one of four ways:

  1. Pursuant to Section 15-20 of the Zoning Resolution, the conversion of floor area to residential use is permitted by certification of the Chair of the City Planning Commission that floor area has been preserved for commercial or manufacturing uses either within that building or a comparable building. The preservation requirement is equal to one-third of the floor area of buildings on lots with an area of less than 5,000 square feet and two-thirds of the floor area in buildings on lots with an area equal to or greater than 5,000 square feet. It is possible to reduce this requirement pursuant to Section 15-212 provided that the floor area being preserved is a manufacturing and commercial use listed in Section 15-50.

  2. Section 74-711 allows, by CPC special permit, for the modification of use in existing buildings located within an historic district if it is found that such modification will contribute to a preservation purpose. Because the special permit is applicable only to sites that contain an existing building, the parking lots in the rezoning area are not eligible to apply for the special permit.

  3. The provisions of Section 15-20 provide a waiver of the preservation of floor area obligations within the historic district by authorization of the CPC provided that the faade of the building being converted is fully restored.

  4. Section 74-782 allows for residential conversions by special permit provided that the Commission finds that the building owner has made a good faith effort to rent the building to a conforming use at a fair market rent for a minimum of one year.

Objectives | Land Use & Neighborhood Character | Existing Zoning | Proposed Zoning

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