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Kissena Park - Approved!

Typical homes and streetscape in the proposed R3X district
Typical homes and streetscape in the proposed R3X district
The Department of City Planning (DCP) is proposing zoning map amendments for 40 blocks in the Kissena Park neighborhood in northern Queens, Community District 7. The rezoning, one of the Department’s lower-density rezoning initiatives in Queens, would support and reinforce the detached, low density character of the neighborhood and ensure that future residential development will be consistent in scale and context with the area’s detached one- and two-family homes.

DCP undertook this zoning study at the request of the Kissena Park Civic Association and the local Councilmember. The proposals respond to community concerns about the changes in their neighborhood brought about by as-of-right construction of multifamily houses. Under the existing R3-2 zoning, which permits all types of housing including row houses and apartment buildings, detached one-family homes have been demolished and replaced with semi-detached, two-family or multifamily structures.

This action will be the first rezoning of the Kissena Park neighborhood since the current R3-2 district was put in place in 1961.

Proposed Zoning
The area to be rezoned is located southeast of Downtown Flushing, west of Flushing Cemetery and north of Kissena and Kissena Corridor Parks. It is zoned R3-2, which allows multifamily, attached, and semidetached buildings although this area is typically developed with one- and two- family detached homes.
Proposed R3A district: The homes on the 16 blocks bounded by 45th Avenue to the north, Burling Street to the east, Negundo Avenue to the south, and Kissena Boulevard to the west, are typically one- and two-family and detached, built on narrow lots. The R3A district would permit only one- and two-family detached structures on lots with a minimum width of 25 feet.

Proposed R3X districts: On the northeastern eight blocks between 45th and 46th Avenues, and on the eleven southern blocks bordering Colden Street and Rose Avenue, most of the homes are detached and built on relatively wide lots. DCP proposes to rezone these two areas R3X, which would permit detached, one- and two-family homes with a minimum lot width of 35 feet.

Proposed R2 District: Most of the homes on the remaining seven blocks between Parsons Boulevard and Robinson Street are detached and single-family. DCP proposes to extend an existing R2 district to this area, limiting new residential development to one-family detached homes on lots at least 40 feet wide.

Kissena Park Existing Zoning Map  Kissena Park Proposed Zoning Map
Existing Zoning Map
PDF Icon View a larger image.
  Proposed Zoning Map
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Public Review
On December 6, 2004, the Department of City Planning certified the ULURP application for the proposed zoning map amendments (C 050195 ZMQ). The City Planning Commission held a public hearing on March 30, 2005 and approved the rezonings on April 13, 2005 (Read the CPC Report). On May 11, 2005 the City Council approved the Department's rezoning proposal for Kissena Park.  The zoning changes are now in effect.

For more information contact the Queens Office of the Department of City Planning at (718) 286-3170.

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