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Hunters Point Subdistrict Rezoning - Approved!
Existing Zoning
Overview & Public Review | Planning Framework  | Neighborhood Character | Industry
Existing Zoning | Proposed Zoning

Most of the area proposed for rezoning currently lies within the existing Hunters Point Subdistrict, which is part of the Special Long Island City Mixed Use District. Those areas proposed for rezoning outside of, but adjacent to the existing subdistrict boundaries are primarily zoned M1-4.

Existing Zoning Map

The M1-4 district allows a broad range of light industrial, commercial and retail uses, but it prohibits new housing developments. With a maximum floor area ratio (FAR) of 2.0, the M1-4 district generally produces two- to three-story light industrial, warehouse and commercial buildings.

In the Hunters Point Subdistrict, light industrial uses are also generally allowed as-of-right subject to M1-4 bulk regulations, but new commercial uses are only allowed on certain streets, namely, 5th Street, 21st Street, Vernon Boulevard, Jackson Avenue and 44th Drive. With the exception of 5th Street, new housing is also allowed as-of-right on these streets, which are designated with contextual residential zoning districts (and commercial overlay zones) that have maximum floor area ratios of 3.0 or 4.0. A contextual zone having an FAR of 3.0 typically produces five- to seven-story buildings; an FAR of 4.0 typically produces six- to eight-story buildings.

In other portions of the Hunters Point Subdistrict, new housing is allowed as-of-right under very limited circumstances where zoning lots are surrounded by residential, commercial, or community facility uses. In the these locations where new residential uses, as well as community facility uses, are allowed, they are subject to R6B contextual bulk provisions. An R6B zone allows a maximum FAR of 2.0, which typically produces four- to five-story buildings. Residential and commercial uses not allowed as-of-right are allowed by special permit of the City Planning Commission.

Overview & Public Review | Planning Framework  | Neighborhood Character | Industry
Existing Zoning | Proposed Zoning

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