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Hunters Point Subdistrict Rezoning - Approved!
Industry: Shifts in Industrial Uses and Employment
Overview & Public Review | Planning Framework  | Neighborhood Character | Industry
Existing Zoning | Proposed Zoning

Over time, Hunters Point businesses have shifted from manufacturing to an array of semi-industrial and entrepreneurial activities such as warehousing, construction companies and visual arts enterprises. These local conditions reflect trends experienced throughout the city.

Although the buildings in Hunters Point vary widely in age, size, and function, many of the structures in the rezoning area date back to the late nineteenth century and have small floor plates occupying lots measuring less than 5,000 square feet. An aging building stock with inadequate floor plates and poor loading facilities leaves only limited space for industrial expansion. As a result, manufacturing companies have continued to move out of Hunters Point to accommodate their needs for ample, more efficient facilities. In addition, the area’s narrow streets are unable to adequately accommodate truck traffic, turning movements and routine loading activities related to modern manufacturing operations.

Using classifications and data provided by the New York State Department of Labor as a basis, the Department of City Planning conducted an in-depth survey of all industrial uses and employment in Hunters Point in 2002. The survey found a total of approximately 3,300 industrially classified jobs in 90 firms.

Approximately 73 percent of all industrially-classified activities surveyed in the rezoning area consists of semi-industrial uses. Most notably, building construction and contracting services represent 62 percent of the total industrially-classified employment in the area with 2,055 jobs in 32 firms. These semi-industrial service uses are often housed in buildings with small footprints, many of which operate as central offices while most employees perform contractor services at work sites. Other semi-industrial uses include wholesale, distribution, automotive service and storage uses which account for about 11 percent of the rezoning area’s total industrially-classified employment.

Furthermore, there are 890 manufacturing jobs in 26 firms in the rezoning area, accounting for 27 percent of all industrially-classified activities. Typical activities include jewelry production, woodworking, theatrical equipment assembly, wholesale baking, and metal plating and polishing. Generally, these light manufacturing uses in the rezoning area are small-scale and typically occupy one-story buildings with high lot coverage.

Overview & Public Review | Planning Framework  | Neighborhood Character | Industry
Existing Zoning | Proposed Zoning

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