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Hunters Point Subdistrict Rezoning - Approved!
Overview & Public Review
Overview & Public Review | Planning Framework  | Neighborhood Character | Industry
Existing Zoning | Proposed Zoning

The Department of City Planning is proposing zoning changes to promote a vibrant mix of housing, light industry, commercial enterprises and cultural activities in Hunters Point, a neighborhood located in Long Island City between the Citigroup office tower at Court Square and Queens West on the East River waterfront. The proposal would create opportunities for about 300 housing units in new buildings that will blend into the established neighborhood scale. While continuing to sustain light manufacturing development in the area, the zoning changes would also allow a broad range of commercial uses, including stores, restaurants, artist studios, small theaters and custom printers more widely throughout the neighborhood. Fostering new residential and mixed-use development in Hunters Point would bring life and foot traffic to this unique, transit-rich, culturally vibrant neighborhood.

Aerial View of Hunters Point
View of Hunters Point looking southwesterly along Jackson Avenue.

In the Heart of Hunters Point: a westerly view of 47th Avenue with the United Nations visible in the distance.
In the Heart of Hunters Point: a westerly view of 47th Avenue with the United Nations visible in the distance.

Mixed-use development has characterized Hunters Point since the middle of the nineteenth century when the area became a major rail transportation hub. Recently, the neighborhood has become known for its cultural resources, such as the P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, and for its entrepreneurial activities including building contracting services, custom manufacturing and graphics concerns.

The Department has developed a fine-grained zoning strategy that would enhance the distinctive characteristics and qualities of Hunters Point. In addition to promoting a dynamic mix of uses, zoning controls would set height limits so that new buildings will fit in with their surroundings. New residential and mixed-use development sensitive to the existing built environment will strengthen Hunters Point’s sense of place, enhance its street vitality, and contribute to the city’s plans for creating a successful business district in the Long Island City core centered around Queens Plaza and Court Square. The neighborhood’s fortified identity and lively streetscapes would also help to link Hunters Point and the LIC core to the waterfront and the dynamic development occurring at Queens West.

Overview - PDF View a pictorial overview of the Hunters Point rezoning (PDF)

Hunters Point Subdistrict Rezoning Area
The area proposed for rezoning is located in the southwest portion of Queens Community District 2 and covers approximately 43 blocks of the Hunters Point neighborhood in Long Island City. The rezoning area encompasses the existing mixed-use Hunters Point Subdistrict of the Special Long Island City Mixed Use District and several adjoining blocks and lots. The proposed rezoning area is bounded by 2nd, 5th and 11th streets on the west, 47th Avenue, 46th Road and 44th Drive on the north, 23rd Street, Jackson Avenue and the Sunnyside Yard on the east, and Borden Avenue and the Queens Midtown Tunnel on the south.

Expanded Hunters Point Subdistrict Map

Public Review
On February 9, 2004, the Department of City Planning certified and referred out the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) applications for zoning map and text amendments for the Hunters Point Subdistrict. The applications were referred to Community Board 2 for a 60-day review period. During this time, the Board held a public hearing and issued a favorable recommendation with conditions/modifications. Following the Community Board’s review period, the Queens Borough President also issued a recommendation to approve the plan with conditions/modifications.

In response to comments received during the public review process, the Department of City Planning revised portions of the proposal on June 15, 2004. The modifications include: 1) removal of the 100-foot deep blockfront on 5th Street between 46th Avenue and Anable Basin from the rezoning area; 2) changing the zoning from M1-4/R7A to M1-4/R6B on two blockfronts along the westerly side of 11th Street between 45th and 46th avenues to thereby reducing the allowed residential density 4.0 FAR to 2.0 FAR to reflect the built character of these blockfronts; and 3) changing the zoning from M1-4/R7A to M1-4/R6A on the easterly blockfront on 11th Street between 45th Road and 46th Avenue and on the northerly blockfront of 45th Avenue 100 feet west 21st Street, thereby reducing the allowable density from 4.0 FAR to 3.0 FAR.

On June 23, 2004, the City Planning Commission approved the revised applications for zoning map and text amendments (read the CPC Reports: PDF Document map change and PDF Document text amendment). On August 12, the City Council approved the Department’s rezoning proposal for Hunters Point.

Overview & Public Review | Planning Framework  | Neighborhood Character | Industry
Existing Zoning | Proposed Zoning

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