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Greenpoint-Williamsburg - Approved!
Waterfront Access - Principles
Overview | Planning Framework | Upland Areas | Waterfront Access
Waterfront Development
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Waterfront Access:
• Principles
The Greenpoint-Williamsburg Waterfront Access Plan

For years, the Greenpoint and Williamsburg communities have sought public access to the East River waterfront, an objective that can finally be realized with.the potential for waterfront redevelopment. The waterfront access component of the Greenpoint-Williamsburg rezoning is guided by the following principles:
Articulate a vision for the entire East River waterfront. Formulate recommendations that treat the waterfront as a single, seamless whole.

Provide a continuous waterfront walkway. Though walkway segments will be built in increments, establish a route for a continuous path along the waterfront.

Maximize opportunities for public access and connections to the neighborhood. Establish public access areas that respond to local geography and needs, with clear linkages between the waterfront and upland areas.

Integrate the proposed Olympic site into the waterfront open space network. Coordinate open space planning with the NYC2012 Olympic bid’s proposal for athletic facilities and an open space legacy on the Williamsburg waterfront.
          Image of Waterfront Concepts
View a larger graphic.

Waterfront Zoning: Public Access Requirements
Article VI, Chapter 2 of the New York City Zoning Resolution, commonly known as waterfront zoning, includes requirements for public access upon residential or commercial development of a waterfront parcel. Under these rules, residential or commercial redevelopment of individual parcels would require developers to build and maintain specified public access areas, including a waterfront walkway and pedestrian connections to public streets or parks. A more detailed description of waterfront zoning’s public access requirements is available.

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