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Greenpoint-Williamsburg - Approved!
Planning Framework - Existing Zoning
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          Existing Zoning
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Planning Framework:
• Existing Zoning
Decline in Industrial Activity
Residential Growth
Land Use Framework

The existing zoning in Greenpoint-Williamsburg reflects historical land uses. Blocks nearest the waterfront are zoned M3, a district that accommodates heavy industrial uses. Adjoining M1 zones, permitting light industry such as warehouses, form a buffer between the waterfront M3 zone and the traditional upland residential core. The M1 and M3 manufacturing designations permit industrial and some commercial uses, but they do not permit new residential uses. The maximum permitted floor area ratio (FAR) in these M districts is 1.0 or 2.0.

Although areas to the east and south of the study area permit residential use (R6, R7 and C4-3 zoning districts), new residences within the 170-block study area itself are either not permitted at all, or are permitted in a limited way only in two special districts established in the 1970s in recognition of their mixed use character.

The Special Northside Mixed Use District (N), created in 1976, has two mixed-use components: primarily residential R(M) areas, and primarily industrial M(R) areas. Specified industrial uses are allowed by special permit in R(M) areas. Most residential development is allowed only by special permit in M(R) areas. Only a handful of special permit applications have been filed since the district was created. Nevertheless, residential use has spread and, in areas designated for primarily industrial use, manufacturing activity has declined sharply.

The Special Franklin Street Mixed Use District (FR), is essentially a residential district that permits a limited number of industrial uses by special permit. Since 1975, nearly all industrial use has left and, in the past two years, three new residential buildings have been constructed in the district.

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