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Green Initiatives

Ensuring that the city has adequate green spaces is critical to creating a livable, sustainable city with a healthy environment and an improved quality of life. In keeping with the Bloomberg Administration's PlaNYC sustainability initiatives, City Planning is acting to green the city wherever it can. These initiatives will improve the city's neighborhoods while putting in place essential elements to achieve the City's 2030 sustainability objectives.

Inner Ring Residential Parking Study examines the relationship among cost of providing parking, residents’ choices about vehicles, and zoning requirements for parking within neighborhoods in Upper Manhattan, the South Bronx, western Queens, and northern and central Brooklyn. Based on extensive analysis, it identifies several principles to guide parking policies and to inform future discussions about land use and parking in these neighborhoods.
Inner Ring Residential Parking Study

Zone Green: Adopted 04/30/12
The Zone Green text amendment modernized the Zoning Resolution to remove a wide range of impediments to the construction and retrofitting of greener buildings. It gives owners more choices for the investments they can make to save energy, save money, and improve environmental performance.
Zone Green Presentation
View the slide show presentation

Car Share: Adopted 09/29/10
City Planning is proposing a zoning text amendment that would allow car share vehicles to park in off-street parking garages and lots in appropriate locations. Car sharing will give New Yorkers a wider range of economical transportation choices and help increase parking availability within neighborhoods.
Car Share Preservation Text Amendment Presentation
View the slide show presentation

Residential Streetscape Preservation Text Amendment: Adopted 04/14/10
The Department of City Planning is proposing a city-wide zoning text amendment to preserve and enhance the streetscape character of residential neighborhoods. The text amendment closes loopholes in front yard planting requirements, responds to concerns of Community Boards and elected officials related to inappropriate curb cuts and front yard parking pads, and clarifies parking requirements for new dwelling units created in existing homes, and for older residential buildings developed before there were parking requirements. The proposal would also help achieve some of the goals of the Mayor's PlaNYC.
Residential Streetscape Preservation Text Amendment Presentation
View the slide show presentation

“Bike-Share Opportunities in New York City” analyzes existing bike-share models and current New York City bicyclist demographics and demand to assess the potential for a New York City Bike-Share Program. In addition, an overview of potential funding options and recommendations for program implementation, including suggested program size and phasing, bike-station siting, fees, safety and theft reduction, are also discussed.  
Zoning For Bicycle Parking

Bike Parking Text Amendment:
Adopted 04/22/09
The Department of City Planning (DCP) is proposing a text amendment to the Zoning Resolution to require indoor, secure, long-term bicycle parking in new multi-family residential, community facility, and commercial buildings. The proposed text amendment would provide for bicycle parking and storage both at home and in the workplace, with standards that serve the needs of cyclists while providing flexibility to accommodate the needs of development.

Street Tree Planting - Text Amendment: Adopted 04/30/08
New proposed regulations to require street tree planting for all new developments and major enlargements citywide, that will result in approximately 10,000 new street trees per year.

Zoning Amendments to Enhance Yards and Open Space: Adopted 04/30/08
The proposed text amendments to the Zoning Resolution would prevent excessive paving of front yards by encouraging landscaping and planting of yards throughout the city.

Green Standards for Parking Lots: Adopted 11/28/07
This proposed citywide text amendment for commercial and community facility parking lots would apply design regulations for landscaping, perimeter screening of the lots as well as requirements for canopy trees in planting islands within the lots.

View the press release.

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