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Fresh Kills Park Project
Project Phasing
Introduction | Project History | About the Site | Draft Master Plan
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Project Phasing
The Draft Master Plan offers a framework for development to guide the site's evolution over the next thirty years.  To assure that the park's long-range construction does not become a waiting period, but is a time of dynamic change with access to the extraordinary "public space in-process", phasing is choreographed in three ten-year phases.

The Draft Master Plan focuses on executing a carefully-planned first phase of development that will initiate active use of the park, generate enthusiasm and commitment on the part of stakeholders, and propel later phases of development. Phase I would occur over the first ten years of the park's development, with projects and facilities opening throughout this period.

Please note that the following phasing reflects the vision outlined in the 2001 Draft Master Plan.  The current schedule and details of each phase are changing based on the timelines of the environmental and land use reviews, technical analyses, and regulatory requirements.

Phase 1
Major outcomes of Phase 1 include:
  • Portions of the South Park and North Park and the Confluence open to the public
  • Completion of the Loop drive and links to the West Shore Expressway
  • First recreational facilities complete and in operation
  • Early programs and settings for non-profit and commercial initiative
  • Visible progress of ecological transformation underway
  • Establishment of new parkland identity
  • East and West Mounds closed and capped

Growth of the Park Over Time: 10 Years

Phase 2
With much of the park infrastructure in place, Phase 2 concentrates on enhancing program settings and ecology. Major outcomes of Phase 2 include:
  • East Park opens
  • Additional recreational facilities, public space and ecology improvements in North Park, South Park and the Confluence
  • Paths, trails and boatways extended
  • A range of non-profit and commercial ventures built and animating the park’s public spaces

Growth of the Park Over Time: 20 Years

Phase 3
Phase 3 expands the acreage open to the public and converts landfill infrastructure to support new uses. Major outcomes of Phase 3 include:
  • West Park natural areas and public landscapes significantly expanded; development of the Arthur Kill edge of the park
  • Development of the Arthur Kill edge of the park
  • The Point program areas built out and highly active
  • Continued emergence of new habitats

Growth of the Park Over Time: 30 Years

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