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East Flushing Rezoning - Approved!
Proposed Zoning
Overview | Proposed Zoning

R1-2 zoning replaces R2 zoning on all or a portions of 17 blocks located north of Northern Boulevard, and generally bounded by 156th Street to the west, 35th Avenue to the north and 167th Street on the east. The R1-2 district allows only single-family detached residences at the same maximum floor area ratio (FAR) as R2 (0.5) but has a more restrictive lot size and lot width requirement. The R2 requires a 3800 square foot lot area and 40 foot lot width while the R1-2 requires a 5,700 square foot lot area and a 60 foot lot width.

R2 zoning boundaries will be reduced south of northern boulevard with a western boundary to be located 60 feet west of 157th Street and an eastern boundary in the center of 159th Street in order to pull zoning lines away from areas primarily developed with commercial uses.  By extending an existing R2 zone located east of 166th Street, R4 zoning will be replaced with R2 on a blockfront located along 166th Street between 45th and 46th avenues. This blockfront is developed almost entirely with single-family detached homes. The R2 zoning changes will more closely match existing development and only permit detached, single-family residences on lots that measure at least 3,800 square feet in area and 40 feet in width.

R4-1 zoning replaces R3-2, R4 and R5 zoning for 30 blocks in four discrete areas north and south of Sanford Boulevard. These areas form the residential heart of the rezoning area and have been the focus of neighborhood complaints regarding inappropriate new development.  The proposed R4-1 district will limit development to detached and semi-detached, one- and two-family residences with a maximum FAR of 0.9, whereas the R3-2, R4 and R5 zones allow all types of residences.

R4A zoning replaces R3-2 and R4 zoning on ten blocks north and south of Sanford Avenue primarily developed with detached housing, occupied by either one- and two-families.  The R4A district only allows detached, one- and two-family residences at a maximum FAR of 0.9. The minimum required lot width is 30 feet and the lot area requirement is 2,375 square feet.

R5 zoning would extend an existing R5 zone to replace R3-2 and M1-1 zoning on all or portions of six blocks located south of Northern Boulevard, west of Murray, north of Sanford Avenue, and east of 149th Place. The R5 district allows all housing types at maximum floor area ratio of 1.25, with a maximum perimeter wall height of 30 feet and a maximum building height of 40 feet.

R5B zoning will replace R4 zoning for ten blockfronts located on 162nd Street between Sanford and 46th avenues, and on 46th Avenue between 160th and 164th streets. The R5B zoning allows all housing types at a maximum 1.35 FAR, with a maximum perimeter wall height of 30 feet and a maximum building height of 33 feet. The R5B zoning will also ensure front yard lineup and limit the number of new curb cuts.

R6B zoning will replace R2, R3-2, and R4 on all or portions of 35 blocks located along Northern Boulevard, Sanford Avenue, and 162nd Street. The R6B district allows multi-family housing pursuant to the Quality Housing program with a maximum FAR of 2.0, a maximum base height of 40 feet and a maximum building height limit of 50 feet.

Commercial overlay districts will be changed to more closely match established land use patterns within the rezoning area. The C1-2 overlay along Northern Boulevard will be extended southward along 159th Street to reflect commercial use of one lot and a C1-2 overlay will be extended along the west side of Murray Street near the LIRR tracks. A C2-2 overlay will be established along the north side of Barclay Avenue east of Murray Street. Additionally, the depths of existing commercial overlays along 46th Avenue will be reduced from 150 feet to 100 feet to match the depth of commercial development, thereby, preventing incursion of commercial uses in the adjoining residential area.

Overview | Proposed Zoning

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