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The Newest New Yorkers - 2013 Edition

The Newest New Yorkers: Characteristics of the City’s Foreign-born Population (2013 edition) This is the latest volume in The Newest New Yorker series, which began in 1992 with the publication of The Newest New Yorkers: An Analysis of Immigration to New York City in the 1980s, and continued with The Newest New Yorkers, 1990-1994, The Newest New Yorkers, 1995-1996, and The Newest New Yorkers, 2000, which was released in 2005. The 2013 edition of The Newest New Yorkers builds on the preceding volume and provides detailed analyses of the latest available data. It continues a tradition of providing comprehensive information on the foreign-born to policy makers, program planners, and service providers, to help them gain perspective on a population that continues to reshape the city.

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Where are New York City’s Immigrants/Top Groups Living?

What are the Areas/Countries of Origin of the City's Immigrants?
What are the Legal Pathways Used by New York City's Immigrants?
How does New York City Compare with the Metropolitan Region?
How do Immigrants Fare Compared with the Overall Population?
What is the Impact of Immigration on New York City?
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