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Canarsie Rezoning - Approved!
Introduction | Existing Context & Zoning | Proposed Zoning | Public Review

  Update June 30, 2009:
On June 30, 2009, the City Council adopted the Canarsie Rezoning. The zoning changes are now in effect.

Locator Map
Locator Map
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The Department of City Planning (DCP) is proposing lower density and contextual zoning map changes for approximately 250 blocks in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Canarsie, Community District 18. The 300 block Canarsie rezoning study area is generally bounded by Foster Avenue to the north, Fresh Creek Basin/E. 108th Street to the east, the Belt Parkway/Seaview Avenue to the south and Paerdegat Basin/Paerdegat Avenue North to the west.

Canarsie, a predominantly low rise and low-density residential neighborhood, has been experiencing development pressure in the last several years. The existing R4 and R5 zoning districts, mapped throughout Canarsie, currently permit all housing types.  However, in many instances, new development has been inconsistent with the prevailing scale, density and built character of many blocks. As a consequence of this development activity, the community has been concerned with an increased frequency of one- and two-family homes being torn down and replaced with attached multi-family developments, eroding the character of certain blocks. The current proposal was developed in close consultation with the local council members and area stakeholders represented by the Community Board and various local neighborhood organizations.

The lower-density and contextual zoning districts proposed – R3-1, R3X, R4A,  R4-1,  R5B, and R5D together with mapping and maintaining existing R4 and R5 districts where appropriate – would preserve the existing scale and character of Canarsie’s predominantly low-rise blocks.  New, moderate-density residential development would be directed to wide, commercial corridors with access to transit --Rockaway Parkway, Flatlands Avenue and Avenue L-- that today contain one-story commercial and two -to three -story multi-family buildings with ground-floor retail uses.  Along these corridors, the proposed R5D zoning district would allow a modest increase in density, while establishing height limits compatible with the surrounding neighborhood context.

New C2-3 commercial overlays are proposed to reflect existing commercial uses.  C1 and C2 overlays are to be reduced to a depth of 100 feet and changed to either C1-3 or C2-3.    The reduction in depth would prevent intrusion of commercial uses onto residential side streets.

Existing Character

Two-family detached, Ave. M., E.105th St.
One-family semi-detached, E.103rd St., Ave. L
Two-family detached, Avenue. M., E.105th Street   One-family semi-detached, E.103rd Street, Avenue L
Multi-family attached, E.103rd St., Ave. J
Gd.fl. Retail/Resid. Rockaway, Farragut Rd.
Multi-family attached, E.103rd Street, Avenue J   Ground floor Retail/Residential Rockaway, Farragut Road


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