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Bikes on Subway

Avoid Rush Hours
Avoid Rush Hour Trains: Conflicts can occur between passengers and bicycles due to limited space on crowded trains.
Board at End of Train
Board at End of Train: Board at the least crowded part of the train, usually the front or the back. Never put your bike where it could block an aisle or door.
Stand by your Bike
Stand by your Bike: Move your bike to allow others to pass or sit down. If there is a train or station evacuation, you must leave your bike behind to ensure a swift and safe exit for all passengers.
Carry your Bike on Stairs
Carry your Bike on Stairs: Wait until the staircase is not crowded. Carry your bike. Don't bump it down the stairs; you could lose control.
Use Service Gate
Use Service Gate: Do not try to lift your bike over the turnstile. Signal the Token Clerk to release the service gate. Deposit a token or use a MetroCard & roll the turnstile. Pull the service gate to enter.
Courtesy + Common Sense = Bicycle Safety
Courtesy + Common Sense = Bicycle Safety: Consideration of others along with reasonable judgement help produce a safer, more comfortable environment for bikes.

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