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Bike Law

Obey Traffic Signs and Signals Obey Traffic Signs and Signals: As vehicles, bicycles must obey all NYC Traffic Rules. Cyclists have the same rights, privileges and duties as other vehicular traffic.
Never Ride Against Traffic Never Ride Against Traffic: Motorists and pedestrians are not looking for bicyclists riding against traffic. It is illegal and dangerous. Ride with traffic to avoid accidents.
Stay Off Sidewalks Stay Off Sidewalks: Bikes are not permitted on sidewalks unless bike wheels are less than 26 inches in diameter and the rider is 12 years or younger, or signs allow.
Use Lights at Night Use Lights at Night: Always use a strong white head light and a red tail light at night or when visibility is poor. Use bike reflectors, reflective clothing and a bell. See, be seen and be heard!
one person per bike One Person per Bike: Riding double is only permitted when carrying a child, age one or older, in an approved carrier or when riding on a tandem bike. Cyclists under age 14 must always wear a helmet

For additional traffic laws regarding cycling see:
NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law
Sections (§): 102-a, 102-b, 375(24-a), 1231, 1232, 1233,1234, 1235, 1236, 1237, 1238
NYC Traffic Rules and Regulations
§4-01 (b), §4-02 (a), §4-07 (c)(3), §4-08 (e)(9), §4-12 (e,h,o,p), 4-14 (c)
NYC Administrative Code
§10-157, §19-176
Rules of the City of New York (Parks Department Regulations)
56 R.C. N.Y § 1-05
or DOT's website:


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