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2015 New York City Bike Map

The New York City Bike Map is a free bike map that the city produces each year and shows the network of existing and planned bicycle lanes, routes, and greenways. The maps are distributed throughout the city to bike shops, schools and libraries. You can also get a free copy by calling the New York City Call Center at 311.

2015 Citywide Bike Map:
2015 NYC Cycling Map
The PDF 2015 New York City Bike Map is available in PDF format as one complete map (17.4 MB), with a detailed insets that give a better view onto Manhattan and Staten Island.

You may also view details of this map which are available in PDF PDF format by selecting from the list below:

For more information on bicycling in the city, visit the New York City Department of Transportation website.

About the Maps:
The map shows the existing and potential bicycle facilities throughout the city. It is the result of extensive fieldwork involving analysis of traffic conditions, community input, and the assessment of the connectivity, accessibility, and safety of the network. The map was designed by the NYC Department of City Planning and the Department of Transportation in order to:

  • Encourage people to bicycle by promoting bicycle-friendly streets and parks;
  • Educate bicyclists of their rights and responsibilities as roadway and park users; and
  • Recognize bicycles as a legitimate mode of transportation.

The Bronx and Staten Island editions of the bicycling map were the first to be released in 1997, and in 1998, maps for all five boroughs were produced. Eventually, the individual borough maps were combined into one single map. The maps are distributed to the public, advocacy groups, bicycle shops, governmental agencies, and elected and appointed officials. More than 3,500,000 maps have been printed and distributed since 1997. The number of maps printed and distributed is as follows:

  • 375,000 maps in 2015;
  • 375,000 maps in 2014;
  • 375,000 maps in 2013;
  • 375,000 maps in 2012;
  • 375,000 maps in 2011;
  • 350,000 maps in 2010;
  • 300,000 maps in 2009;
  • 240,000 maps in 2008;
  • 200,000 maps in 2007;
  • 200,000 maps in 2006;
  • 200,000 maps in 2005;
  • 176,000 maps in 2004;
  • 132,000 maps in 2003;
  • 100,000 maps in 2002;
  • 70,000 maps in 2001;
  • 40,000 maps in 1999;
  • 35,000 maps in 1998; and
  • 25,000 maps in 1997.

Bicycling maps are available for free at the NYC Department of City Planning bookstore at 22 Reade Street, NY, NY, 10007, in bicycle shops, libraries, and schools. They can also be obtained by calling the New York City Call Center at 311 (outside of New York City call 212-NEW-YORK).

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