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Special Bay Ridge District Rezoning - Approved!
Overview | Existing Context and Zoning | Proposed Zoning

Bay Ridge - 80th St between Fourth and Fifth Aves Bay Ridge -  Sixth Ave between 76th and 77th Sts Bay Ridge - 77th St between Fourth and Fifth Aves
80th St between
Fourth and Fifth Aves
Sixth Ave between
76th and 77th Sts
77th St between
Fourth and Fifth Aves

Bay Ridge Locator Map
Bay Ridge Locator Map
The Department of City Planning proposes zoning map changes and text amendments for the 249-block Special Bay Ridge District (SBRD) in Brooklyn's Community District 10. The proposed rezoning reflects the varied character of this neighborhood. It would provide protections against out-of-scale development on Bay Ridge's unique limestone townhouse blocks and it would triple the number of blocks where only detached homes would be permitted. In other parts of the neighborhood, the proposed zoning is also tailored to the prevailing neighborhood context, allowing opportunities for apartment house construction with ground floor retail on the neighborhood's main thoroughfares, as well as supporting a continued auto showroom and commercial presence in the neighborhood's commercial core surrounding 86th Street.

The Special Bay Ridge District is among the city's largest and was one of the first adopted specifically to preserve the scale and character of a distinctive, built-up residential neighborhood. When it was originally adopted in 1978, the SBRD was in fact the precursor to the contextual zoning regulations created in the mid-eighties and since mapped widely throughout the city.

Prompted by development in the 1970's of two large residential complexes, the Bay Ridge Towers in two buildings of 27 and 30 stories and the Shore Hill Apartments in two 13-story buildings, the SBRD regulations imposed customized building height and size restrictions, and controls pertaining to yards, lot coverage, open space, curb cuts, parking and landscaping. A height limit of 32 feet was established on most midblocks and five preservation subareas were created with additional regulations modifying the underlying zoning district regulations.

However, even with the SBRD controls, multi-family and attached housing can be developed in place of single-family, detached homes in parts of the district. With increasing frequency, single-family homes on large lots have been replaced with multi-family residences. As a result, there is growing community concern about the potential for eroding the character of some blocks within the special district.

The proposed zoning changes would better preserve neighborhood scale and character by replacing many of the underlying zoning districts with lower density and contextual zoning districts, and by retaining certain provisions of the existing special district. Although the proposed contextual zoning districts would eliminate the need for SBRD's preservation subareas, a limited number of SBRD regulations would be retained to provide protections greater than those afforded by the proposed underlying districts.

Bay Ridge - 80th St between Fourth and Fifth Aves Bay Ridge -  80th St between Fourth and Fifth Aves
80th St between Fourth and Fifth Aves
Bay Ridge - Bay Ridge Parkway between  Ridge Blvd and Colonial Rd Bay Ridge - 95th St between Marine Ave and Shore Rd
Bay Ridge Parkway between
Ridge Blvd and Colonial Rd
95th St between Marine Ave
and Shore Rd

These fine-tuned zoning changes would protect the character of most neighborhood midblocks, some of which are defined by detached homes, some by semi-detached one- and two-family homes, and others by rows of attached limestone houses. The proposal would also reinforce the character of Third, Fourth and Fifth Avenues as corridors for mid-rise mixed retail/residential buildings, and of appropriate commercial districts as centers for retail and auto related uses. Additional height and bulk controls would be prescribed for community facility uses.

Public Review
Community Board 10 recommended approval with conditions and the Brooklyn Borough President recommended approval of the proposal. The City Planning Commission held a public hearing on the proposal on February 2, 2005 and voted unanimously on March 23, 2005 to approve the zoning map and text applications with modifications based on concerns raised during the public review process. (see PDF Document the CPC reports and view the PDF icon Adopted Zoning Map).

On March 23, 2005, the City Council adopted the zoning changes which are now in effect.

For more information about the Special Bay Ridge District zoning proposal, please contact the Brooklyn Office of the Department of City Planning, 718-780-8280.


Overview | Existing Context and Zoning | Proposed Zoning

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