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Following the Interdivisional Meeting, DCP will provide applicants with clear, written guidance on the land use and environmental applications.  DCP suggests that any applicant that needs a Reasonable Worst Case Development Scenario for their project wait to prepare the land use application until after the applicant first meets with DCP’s Environmental Assessment and Review Division. 

Draft land use applications should be prepared following the guidance discussed with DCP and as described in the Interdivisional Meeting minutes.  Applicants should submit 3 paper copies and 1 digital copy of each application to the Lead Planner, or to Central Intake ONLY if the project is located in Manhattan. Draft CEQR Forms and Environmental Assessment Statements can be submitted to Central Intake in 2 paper copies and 1 digital copy.


Land use applications consist of a land use application form and attachments that clearly describe the proposed land use actions and any development that may be facilitated by, or approved, as a part of the proposed actions.

Note: Please be advised that all materials submitted to the New York City Department of City Planning (DCP) in connection with the application may be placed on the DCP website and used in DCP presentations regarding the application.  These materials may also be subject to production by DCP pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) in Article 6 of the Public Officers Law.

Applicants, with the exception of those noted below, are required to submit a PDF Document Doing Business with the City Form with all application packages. A PDF Document Doing Business with the City FAQ will assist you in filling out the form.

The PDF Document Doing Business with the City Form is not required for applicants who are:

  • Homeowner applicants with actions concerning one, two, or three family dwellings.
  • Not for profit neighborhood, community or similar association applicants
  • City agency applicants without a private co-applicant
Application Requirement Checklist

Click on an application type to see a detailed explanation of the requirements and to access standards and samples.

Non-ULURP Application Types

Zoning Authorizations (ZA)
Zoning Certifications (ZC)
Zoning Text Amendment (ZR)
Special South Richmond Development District Authorizations (RA)
Special South Richmond Development District Certifications (RC)
Enclosed Sidewalk Café (EC)
Easement Delineation (ME)
Business Franchise (BF)

ULURP Application Types

Zoning Map Amendment (ZM)
Change in the City Map (MM)

Zoning Special Permits (ZS)
South Richmond District Special Permits (RS)
Landfills (ML)

Other Actions

Post-ULURP Renewals, Follow-Ups and Modifications

Renewal (CM) Non-ULURP
Substantial Compliance Non-ULURP
Minor Modification (CM) Non-ULURP
Major Modification ULURP

City Sponsored Projects/Applications Types

Non-ULURP Actions

Office Space Lease (PX)
Landmark or Historic District Designation (HK)
Amended Drainage Plan (MD)
Business Improvement Districts (BD)
197-A Plans

ULURP Actions

Urban Development Action Areas (UDDAP) (HA)
Combination Acquisition and Site Selection by the City (PC)
Disposition of Non-Residential City-Owned Property (PP)
Acquisition of Property by the City (PQ)
Site Selection (City Facility) (PS)

Special Policy Areas

Manhattan Core Parking Actions
FRESH Food Store Actions


The following boilerplate legal documents may be downloaded and modified to apply to a particular application. Instructions included within each document explain how the boilerplate forms may be used and the requirements for submission directly to the Counsel's Office. The current set of boilerplate legal documents is not comprehensive. Additional documents will be added in the future.

Please be advised that the Department of City Planning reserves the right to modify the provisions of its boilerplate as it deems necessary and may provide a more current version at any time. These provisions are not negotiable. The City of New York will not accept any alteration, deletion, or modification that reduces or otherwise changes the obligations of the Owner/Declarant or the rights of the City of New York.

Prior to executing or recording one of the following legal instruments, read the instructions at the bottom of this page, AND carefully review the "PDF Document Common Errors To Avoid", which can be printed out and used as a checklist. 

Notices of Restrictions (NOR)
Notices of Certification (NOC)

Recordation Requirements for Restrictive Declarations, Notices of Restrictions and Notices of Certification


At the Interdivisional and RWCDS Meetings, the Environmental Assessment and Review Division will advise you on the type of environmental review and the materials that you will need to complete.

City Environmental Quality Review forms can be found at Mayor’s Office of Sustainability (MOS).

View CEQR Forms
View CEQR Technical Manual.
View more information about environmental review.
View more information about the Waterfront Revitalization Program.
Download the PDF Document WRP Consistency Assessment Form.

For your reference, you can also access current environmental analyses:
View completed Environmental Assessment Statements and CEQR Determinations.
View scoping documents.
View Environmental Impact Statements.
Learn about "E" Designations.

To continue with filing and paying fees for your applications, please move on to Step 4: Filing of Applications and Paying Fees.

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