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RSS Feeds Subscribe to the NYC Department of City Planning’s RSS feeds to receive news from the department and notification of updates directly on your desktop.

What is RSS?
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format by which web content, or summaries of content, can be easily distributed and shared by web publishers.

RSS is written in the Internet coding language known as XML (eXtensible Markup Language).

Why would I be interested in NYC Planning’s RSS Feeds?
If you would like to be notified when updates to the zoning maps and text, City Planning Commission Calendars, City Planning Commission reports, press releases, data files or other content are posted on the DCP website, you should consider subscribing to one of our RSS feeds.

How do I subscribe to a Department of City Planning RSS feed?
∙ You will need an RSS Reader. There are many free and commercial readers available on the Internet. Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 7 and Outlook 2007 all have an RSS reader built in. Google, Yahoo and other internet services provide free readers that are accessed through your web browser. There are many other popular readers that can be downloaded or accessed via the internet.
∙ Click the RSS icon next to the topic below that interests you.
∙ Copy the URL that appears in the address bar of your web browser.
∙ Paste the URL into your RSS Reader to begin receiving the City Planning RSS Feed.

What RSS Feeds does the Department of City Planning provide?
Select from the listing below:

Zoning (Notification of updates to online Zoning Resolution text and maps, including
proposed and adopted sketch maps)
Land Use & Environmental Review (Notification of new postings of City Planning
Commission Public Meeting calendars, Review Session agendas, Disposition Sheets,
CPC Reports, Application Status Reports, EIS, Scoping documents and related information)
City Planning Press Releases
Studies, Projects and Proposals (Notification of Department of City Planning initiated studies, projects and proposals)
Population (Notification of new postings of demographic data, maps, and briefs on the Department of City Planning’s Population Division website)
BluePRint (City Planning business process reform to streamline the agency’s review of land use applications)
Community Portal (Notification of new postings of the annual Statements of Community District Needs and periodic updates of community district profiles, mapping and data resources.)







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