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Read Chairman Weisbrod’s remarks:

Howard Slatkin Award

Unlike Mark Ginsberg who met Howard a decade ago, I didn’t meet Howard Slatkin until I arrived at City Planning a little more than a year ago. However, his reputation had preceded him as the department’s spiritual descendent of the great Julie Spector, for whom Spector Hall, the City Planning Hearing Room is named at 22 Reade Street. Indeed, I quickly discovered that Howard is - as Julie Spector was - the intellectual conscience of City Planning. He is the person we all turn to when there is a particularly knotty challenge; the person who can think through the implications of a proposed course of action, the framework for a major new program, or all the pitfalls associated with a suggested minor tweak in existing regulations. For all of this, Howard is our “go-to guy.”

We ask a lot of our most senior public servants – we want them to be innovative but not impractical; bold but not contentious; smart but not arrogant; a deep thinker, but not incomprehensible (well, I have to admit, sometimes I don’t totally understand him, but I suspect that’s just a reflection on my own intellectual capacity). Howard manages to have all of these attributes and more. If you work at City Planning we also ask that your work shape the city not just for today but for the future of our children and grandchildren. Our work is forward looking. But we also ask that you exercise a high degree of quality control because what we do lasts for a very long time and is not easily reversible.

Howard Slatkin is one of those rare public servants who can manage all of this with good humor, remaining unflappable and retaining his mental health.

In the limited, but intense time we have worked together, I have found that if I want the short answer, Howard is not the person to go to. But if I want the right answer, the thoughtful answer, the answer that neatly fits into the framework of all we do, while advancing the complex mission of City Planning, there is no one better than Howard Slatkin – and no one more deserving of this award.

Read Howard’s bio and the notice of the award:

Queens Plaza Before and Now
The Department of City Planning’s Queens Plaza project will be recognized with an Award of Excellence for Built Project by the Center for Active Design. The awards ceremony will take place on the evening of May 11, at Fit City 10.

DCP conceived of, lobbied for, and, with DOT and an excellent team of landscape architects, urban designers, and a public artist, redesigned the snarl of dusty traffic lanes and parking lots into the calmer and lush landscape, complete with butterflies and cattails, that it is today.

Find out more about the award here. Congratulations to all involved!

DCP Projects Receive The Honor Award
In March 2015, two projects by the Department of City Planning received the Honor Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects, New York Chapter. Along with the other 2015 winners, the East River Waterfront Esplanade and Piers and High Line, Section 3 will be on display in an exhibit at the Center for Architecture until April 30. Details about the exhibit can be found here. Congrats to all who were involved with these two projects!


At its annual chapter conference, American Planning Association NYC Metro Chapter awarded the Sheridan-Hunts Point study the 2014 Meritorious Service Award for work of unusual merit. Shown receiving the award on behalf of the Department of City Planning, Department of Transportation, and the Economic Development Corporation are Erick Gregory, Carol Samol, and Ryan Singer with James Rausse, APA Metro Chapter President.

The Sheridan Expressway-Hunts Point Land Use and Transportation Study (SEHP) was a two-year intensive, interdisciplinary study of the neighborhoods and infrastructure surrounding the Sheridan Expressway, funded by a grant from USDOT. The study strikes a balance between an increasingly vibrant residential area and the need to maintain efficient routes traveling to Hunts Point Market, the economic and employment core of the area. The proposals developed, and ultimately the final recommendations, were the result of innovative outreach and close consultation with a broad range of stakeholders over a two year period. The study team worked to strike a balance between an increasingly vibrant residential area and the need to maintain efficient routes for traffic traveling to Hunts Point, the economic and employment core of the area.

Sheridan-Hunts Point Study Wins the APA Metro 2014 Meritorious Service Award


The New York City Department of City Planning received the American Planning Association’s 2013 National Planning Excellence Award for Environmental Planning for its Zone Green, an initiative to change zoning regulations to foster greener buildings. The Environmental Planning Award honors efforts to create greener communities that reduce the impact of development on the natural environment and improve environmental quality.

Read the press release here.

Watch the APA’s video for the award here.

Howard Slatkin accepts the APA’s 2013 National Planning Excellence Award


The American Planning Association has announced that Vision 2020 won the 2012 Daniel Burnham Award for a Comprehensive Plan, the highest award bestowed upon a comprehensive plan that advances the science and art of planning. Richard Barth, Michael Marrella and Mary Kimball accepted the award on Monday, April 16, 2012 at the 2012 American Planning Association conference in Los Angeles.

Richard Barth, Michael Marrella and Mary Kimball accepted the Daniel Burnham award
Richard Barth, Michael Marrella and Mary Kimball accepted the Daniel Burnham award

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today announced that New York City has won Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize in recognition of its leadership and achievement in sustainable policy, including the City’s landmark planning program PlaNYC. The international honor is presented biennially for outstanding contributions to sustainable urban policy that are practical and cost-effective, and serve as a model for cities across the globe.

The city’s submission, titled “NYC: Transforming for the 21st Century,” included Brooklyn Bridge Park, the High Line/West Chelsea plan, and the 17 plazas, including Times Square, and 255-plus miles of on-street bike lanes created since 2007.

Read the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize press release.


Vision 2020: NYC Comprehensive Waterfront Plan was one of the plans honored atthe Waterfront Center's annual conference. City Planning's Waterfront and Open Space Director Michael Marrella received the award on behalf of the Department. For more information about Vision 2020, visit the website. In 2009, City Planning’s Waterfront Text Amendment, which ensures the city’s waterfront spaces are accessible and inviting to the public, received an Excellence on the Waterfront award from the Waterfront Center.

City Planning’s Population Director Joseph Salvo and the entire population division were recognized by the New York Immigration Coalition for their tremendous work on the Census and for their remarkable contributions to the study of demography and immigration. The population division received the award, which was presented by City Planning’s Executive Director Richard Barth, at the New York Immigration Coalition’s seventh annual Builders of the New New York Awards at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom.


The Department of City Planning (DCP) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) have received an EPA award for Overall Excellence in Smart Growth. The EPA award is recognizing the work of four agencies -- City Planning, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Design and Construction and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene -- and their efforts to advance the sustainability goals that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has set out in PlaNYC. The two City Planning projects awarded by the EPA are FRESH, which expand access to healthy food options in communities with high rates of diet-related diseases, and bike parking, which requires secure and indoor bicycle parking in new residential and commercial developments.

On November 4, 2010, City Planning won two Excellence in Technology awards at the NYC Technology Awards ceremony. For working with DoITT on developing an application called A4, Address Assignment Application, DCP received the 2010 Excellence in Technology Award for Best IT Collaboration Among Agencies. The award was shared by DCP, DoITT and Borough Presidents. Rudy Lopez and Michele McInnes received the award on behalf of DCP. In addition, the NYC DataMine and NYC BigApps competition received the 2010 Excellence in Technology Award for Overall Excellence in Technology.

DCP -- along with the Parks Department, Department of Transportation, the Department of Sanitation and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene – received special recognition for their work on this initiative. Michael Miller received the award on behalf of DCP.

The Department of City Planning's Waterfront Text Amendment received a 2009 Excellence on the Waterfront award from the Waterfront Center. This initiative ensures that the city's waterfront spaces are accessible and inviting to the public, feature high quality design elements and promote the greening of the waterfront. Read more about the Waterfront Center award here.

2004 - 2008
The Department of City Planning (DCP) accepted the 2006 National Outstanding Planning Award for Special Community Initiative for the West Chelsea/High Line plan. The awards were presented in San Antonio as part of the American Planning Association's annual conference.

The Department of City Planning (DCP) has received an award from the New York City Art Commission for the Department's work on the transformation of the Fresh Kills landfill into a 2,200 acre public park. The Department leads this interagency initiative that includes the Department of Cultural Affairs, the Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Department of Sanitation.

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