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   Allan and Ellen Wexler

Drawing P.S. 340, Vinyl, 1999

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Drawing P.S. 340 and A Coordinated Plane Patio

Completion Date:



Vinyl, concrete, brass and vinyl




Public School 340


25 West 195th Street, Bronx


School Construction Authority

Sponsor Agency:

Board of Education

Design Agency:

School Construction Authority

Allan and Ellen Wexler's 112 foot (34 m) wall mural at P.S. 340 presents various floor plans and detailed construction drawings based on the actual architectural plans for the school. Drawing P.S. 340 includes the elevation drawings of the hallway and variously scaled maps that situate the school in the community, city, and country. The artists also created a grid for the entry plaza, which students can examine to understand how architectural measurements relate to one another. The artwork is intended to provide students with a schematic overview of the new school and an opportunity for architectural study.

About the Artist...
For 25 years, Ellen and Allan's research has resulted in objects, buildings and environments that blur the borders between sculpture, landscape, furniture and architecture. The Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York City has represented Allan since 1984 where he has had six solo exhibitions. Allan has had numerous national and international solo shows, has lectured internationally and has been reviewed by major art and architecture periodicals and newspapers. Allan has an undergraduate degree in architecture and art from the Rhode Island School of Design and a master of architecture degree from Pratt Institute. He has taught art and architecture for 25 years, currently in the Department of Architecture at Pratt Institute, NYC. Ellen has a B.F.A. degree in Arts Education and Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design. Ellen has worked extensively in the field of arts education. She has developed a design and architecture curriculum for sixth grade students in the New York City Public schools (1994-1995), as well as written The Art of Looking: Teacher's Guide, a publication for public school art teachers (2000). Ellen and Allan have collaborated on several projects including Tables of Content, site-specific picnic tables in Douglas Park, Santa Monica, CA (2000) and Learning to Look, an installation at the High Museum in Atlanta, Georgia (1999).

Artist Quote...
"Art by definition is not decoration nor a colorful, pleasant after thought. Integrating art into schools is a challenge and opportunity to open up eyes and awaken curiosities. These artworks focus on the subtle beauty that is there to be seen in this new construction. The students have a new school and we want them to really see it. We want to enhance their relationship to their school, by giving them the eyes of an artist." -- Ellen Wexler, 1999