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   Milo Mottola

HThe Totally Kid Carousel, Riverbank State Park, Manhattan, 1998


The Totally Kid Carousel

Completion Date:



Painted fiberglass on a wood, meta and foam amature




Riverbank State Park/North River Sewage Treatment Plant


145th & Riverside Drive


Richard Dattner P.C.

Sponsor Agency:

Department of Environmental Protection

Design Agency:

Richard Dattner P.C.

When Milo Mottola was commissioned to create a carousel for the Riverbank State Park on Manhattan's Hudson River atop the North River Sewage Treatment Plant, he united the children from the neighborhood to design it along with him. Mottola asked elementary school children to make drawings of their favorite animals. From the thousands of drawings produced by the children, each featuring a uniquely imaginative creature, Mottola selected 36 drawings and got to work creating the animals in sculptural form. In order to do this, Mottola enlarged the children's drawings to an appropriate size for a carousel animal, carved plastic foam of these images then formed them in fiber glass. The end result was 36 animals that looked exactly like those that came from the imaginations of the neighborhood children. Along the carousel floor, the 3-D versions of the carousel animals, which include a deer, a flamingo and a rabbit, are complemented by the children's carved signatures. The original drawings were framed and suspended above the carousel animals, allowing the riders to admire both the originals and their translation into a different medium.

About the Artist...
Milo Mottola graduated from Cooper Union in 1984, specializing in detailed tempera paintings. Following his years as a painter, Mottola has become known for his colorful and lively sculptural works. He has designed many costumes, in which he has marched in events such as Greenwich Village Halloween Parades and the Philadelphia Mummers Parades. Mottola received an Art Commission Award for his work on The Totally KidCarousel .

Artist Quote...
"I wanted it to be as magical as the children who ride it." -- Mottola, 1998