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   Marina Gutierrez

Painted aluminum, 1996



Completion Date:



Painted aluminum




Julia de Burgos Latino Cultural Center


1680 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan


Borrero/Plumey Joint Venture

Sponsor Agency:

Economic Development Corporation

Design Agency:

Economic Development Corporation

Marina Gutierrez's installation for the renovation of the Julia de Burgos Latino Cultural Center features suspended mobile structures of silhouetted aluminum cut-outs and painted images inspired by the work of the Puerto Rican poet Julia de Burgos. Twelve silhouettes are suspended from seven points in the atrium, which are visible from both the lobby and the second-floor balcony. The air currents cause the double-sided images to move and reconfigure themselves, resembling a kinetic, visual poem.

About the Artist...
Marina Gutierrez is a New York based Puerto-Rican artist who is well known for her naive style imagery and brightly colored symbols.

Artist Quote...
The atrium is the heart of the building and should reflect the life and energy of its occupants. The artwork was conceived of as an active commemoration to Julia de Burgos' work by interacting with the viewer in the same way that her poems interact with the reader, thus filling the urban space with Julia de Burgos' vision and magic. -- Gutierrez, 1996