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   Ron Baron

Gates of Knowledge, Bronze Sculptures, 1995


Gates of Knowledge

Completion Date:



Bronze Sculptures


Stage Right: 65" x 32.5", Library: 39" x 65", Stage Left 65" x 32.5"


I.S. 2


Parkside Avenue/Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn


Richard Dattner, P.C.

Sponsor Agency:

Board of Education

Design Agency:

School Construction Authority

Ron Baron's sculpture project is anchored above and below the entrance gate to the school. Suspended above the gate is a row of well-worn books held together at each end by two playful cherubs. A few books are horizontally piled with a baseball on top, which refers to the balance a child must find between work and play. Below the gate is a shelf containing large scale bronze books, baseballs, a baseball cap and glove, apples, and book ends in the style of African sculpture. The warm colorful patinas and casually scattered composition suggest items that are often used and well loved. The sculpture's distortion of scale is both playful and symbolic of the huge role that school and play take in the lives of children.

About the Artist...
Ron Baron's bronze sculptures have been widely displayed in both solo and group exhibitions at sites in New York such as Exit Art, White Columns, and the Sculpture Center. He has been commissioned to complete four public and private installations including Lehman College and the Estee Lauder Co. Headquarters in New York.

Artist Quote...
My intention with the I.S. 2 project was to create a bridge or continuum between the community and the school, rather than barrier. I produced sculptures that expressed ideas about the intrinsic value of learning, exploration, and recreation . My greatest pleasure has been watching students and community interact with the work. The look of delight and curiosity on their faces as they examine each of the pieces is something that will remain a constant source of inspiration. -- Baron, 1996