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   Emma Amos

The Sky's the Limit, 1995


The Sky's the Limit

Completion Date:



Glass Mosaic




Intermediate School 90


21 Jumel Place, Manhattan


Richard Dattner and Partners Architects

Sponsor Agency:

Board of Education

Design Agency:

School Construction Authority

Emma Amos's work, a mixture of Venetian and Tiffany-style flat-glass mosaics, is installed on the ceiling 10 feet (3 m) above the school's lobby space. The colorful composition includes dancers, athletes, and students of diverse ethnicities, as well as symbols of culture, history, and art. According to the artist, these playful figures floating on a brilliant blue background, transform the entry area into a celebration of life, discovery, and learning.

About the Artist...
The Sky's the Limit represents a natural progression from Emma Amos' paintings, many of which depict figures falling or floating against an abstract and painterly background. Culture, feminism, art history, and personal identity have been referenced in a diverse body of art work. Emma Amos Changing the Subject: Painting and Prints 1992-1994, a solo exhibition, was featured at Art in General in New York City.

Artist Quote...
Making public art is a collaborative act, like making good theater. Even before the artist is chosen, the architects and engineers design, build, and construct. The artist, with the public as audience, and other artists and artisans in the wings, makes a production that must please even the group of wary producers (the administrators) who bet on its being a hit. With public art we hope the applause lasts forever. -- Amos, 1997