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Funding for Cultural Organizations

Community Arts Development Program

The Community Arts Development Program’s (CADP) Community Arts Leadership (CAL) is a yearlong capacity-building initiative designed to help arts leaders effectively run their small, community-based cultural organizations serving low- to moderate-income populations.

The program’s practical approach engages selected participants through interactive workshops, one-on-one technical assistance, and presentations from the field. The twelve-month curriculum focuses on three core capacity areas: board development, strategic planning, and financial management.  Additional presentations and panels will address some of the critical challenges and prospects facing nonprofit cultural leaders.
As a result of their participation, groups will be expected to achieve measurable results such as a viable strategic plan, tools for developing a well-functioning and strategically recruited board, and a budgeting framework that supports fiscal responsibility and mission adherence.

The workshop series takes place from September 2014 – June 2015, with additional individual technical assistance through September 2015. Class dates and times can be found in the Program Schedule.

The Department of Cultural Affairs’ CADP is supported by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant program.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • In order to be eligible for the CAL program, organizations must:
  • Have an operating budget of $500,000 or less in FY13 or FY14.
  • Serve a community or population where at least 51% of the residents are low- or moderate-income persons;
  • Received DCLA Cultural Development Fund support in FY14;
  • Have at least one full-time staff member;
  • Be incorporated in New York State and compliant with annual State and Federal filing requirements for nonprofit organizations; and
  • Be certified tax exempt under Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501(c)(3);
To learn more about the current program, please see the Community Arts Leadership Guidelines.

Feedback from FY2014 Participants

Our board meetings and strategic planning sessions have been more focused and productive. We have recently a hired a new Executive Director and much of what we have learned in the CAL has contributed to our decisions in the midst of a significant transition.
- Krista Saunders, Director of Programs and Communication, Art Connects New York

Thank you so much, accounting has never been so much fun. You are such an engaging educator and I really appreciate that [as] a person who hates math and budgets.
- Miriam Romais, Executive Director, En Foco

Overall, the work of the program has encouraged specific members of our board and staff to review how we have been operating and think about ways to be more efficient, inspired and productive…Clarifying our mission…how to present our mission to others, understanding how to voice our needs for our growth has allowed us to reach out more deeply into new communities for support…all this has been directly learned from the program.  
- Naomi Goldberg-Haas, Executive Director, Dances for a Variable Population

FY2015 Participants
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Billie Holiday Theater
Chinese Theatre Works
Corona Youth Music Project
Elders Share the Arts
International African Arts Festival
Norte Maar
Shadow Box Theatre
Take Wing and Soar
Theatre of the Oppressed NYC
Universal Temple of the Arts
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