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About Cultural Affairs

Staff List

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
31 Chambers Street
New York, New York 10007
(212) 513-9300 

Office of the Commissioner
Tom Finkelpearl, Commissioner
Tracey Knuckles, Deputy Commissioner
Edwin Torres, Deputy Commissioner
Shirley Levy, Chief of Staff 
Louise Woehrle, Agency Chief Contracting Officer
Sei Young Kim, Deputy Agency Chief Contracting Officer
Diya Vij, Digital Communications Manager
Sara Cobb, Agency Attorney, FEMA Specialist
Christopher Knox, Special Assistant to the Commissioner
Angela Kingham, Coordinator, Commissioner Unit 

Cultural Institutions
Timothy Thayer, Assistant Commissioner 
Leonard Jacobs, Director, Cultural Institutions
James Fisher, Associate Director, Cultural Institutions
Program Services
Kathleen Hughes, Assistant Commissioner 
David Andersson, Director of Special Projects
Velda Charles, Administrative Assistant
Ashley Firestone, Program Specialist
Stephanie LaFroscia, Program Specialist
Ladan Hamidi-Toosi, Program Specialist
Amauta Marston-Firmino, Program Specialist
Stacey McMath, Director, Program Services
Anthony Meyers, Program Specialist
Samantha Toy, Program Specialist
Sarah Van Anden, Program Specialist

Capital Projects
Andrew Burmeister,  Assistant Commissioner, Capital Projects 
Angela H. Blocker, Director, Capital Projects 
David W. Bryant, Capital Program Manager
Maj-Britt Jungjohann, Capital Projects Manager
David Loewy, Capital Projects Manager
Victor Metoyer III, Deputy Director, Capital Projects 
Carolyn Sarkis, Capital Projects Manager
Kendal Henry, Director, Percent for Art Program 
Reina Shibata, Deputy Director, Percent for Art Program 

Community Arts Development Program (CADP)
Perian Carson, Director, Community Arts Development Program
                    Pamela Epstein, Assistant Director, CADP
Lettie Hoggard, Administrative Assistant, CADP

Materials for the Arts (MFTA)
Harriet Taub, Director, Materials for the Arts
Hallie Bahn, Executive Assistant
Kwame Belle, Communications Coordinator MFTA
Doris Littlejohn, Office Manager
Melissa Samuels, Direct Donations
Tyshaun Sheppard, Donations Coordinator MFTA
Nakeshia Betsill, Volunteer Coordinator MFTA
John Cloud Kaiser, Director of Education
Omar Olivera, Education Associate
Christopher Trainor, Assistant Warehouse Manager
Jose Rosa, Warehouse Helper
Jonathan Valentin, Warehouse Associate

Anthony Salamone, Mover/Driver
Raoul (Nick) Duguid, Mover/Driver

External Affairs
Ryan Max, Director of External Affairs

Tracey Knuckles, General Counsel 
Kristin Sakoda, Deputy General Counsel
Amanda Hamilton, Staff Attorney 

Phillippa Shao, Director of Finance 
David Francis, Assistant Director, Fiscal Operations
Omayra Núñez, Assistant Director, Grants & Special Initiatives 
Tonia McCaskill, Accounts Payable Officer

Information Technology
Danny Contafio, Director of Information Technology 
Kevin Alano, Windows Operations Systems Administrator

Human Resources/Administration
Cynthia Ingram, Senior Director of Human Resources and Administration; EEO Officer 
Joanne A. Ricks, Director of Administration 
Daniel Larkin, Associate Director of Administration
Dawn A. Brown, Administrative Services Support Assistant
Robert Pulliza, Mailroom/Office Support Assistant